5Effective Tips to Increase Hose Assembly Life

5Effective Tips to Increase Hose Assembly Life

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Hydraulic Hoses

Failure of Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses can be under tremendous pressure and when these fail, the result can be devastating. The basic problem is, as all hydraulic manufacturers in India will caution you, that the events leading to hydraulic failures can very often be neglected. It is not necessary that hydraulic oil will only create a slippery surface that can lead to people slipping and falling. The hydraulic oil can also cause your skin to burn and when a hose bursts the oil could be injected inside the body of someone like the operator standing nearby. Leaking hydraulic oil could start off a fire as well if a source of ignition sets it off. If the hydraulic oil is at a high temperature and high pressure a sudden leakage due to hose failure could be very serious depending upon the location where the failure has occurred. It is therefore best to avoid the failure of the hydraulic hose.

How to Avoid Hydraulic Hose Failure

In order to avoid hydraulic hose failure, it is important to make a good Preventive Maintenance Program and thereafter implement it. The instructions laid down must be specific to the type of machine for which the hydraulic hose is meant.

Generally, the prevention of hydraulic hose failure and situations that are similarly dangerous, are assured with the help of an established partnership with a skilled secondary source responsible for maintenance. Such a source will ensure that all those involved in maintenance work are properly trained in activities that involve the assembly and inspection of hydraulic hoses.

Training and documentation procedures are two of the most important aspects that help prevent unnecessary failures of hydraulic hoses. Here, all those that are involved with the work must appreciate that it is absolutely important to ensure that the hose assembly is correctly matched to the system concerned.

It must be understood and appreciated by the company that is working with any hydraulic assemblies that safety is always placed ahead of all else. All need to work very hard in order to eliminate all the risks that are associated with the various components of the system. It is only by working strictly as per the standard procedures that have been laid down and continuously bringing about improvements in the programs concerning the preventing maintenance and inspections that one can totally eradicate dangers associated with hydraulic hose failures.

Hydraulic Hoses

Take Care about the Installation of the Hose Assembly

There are some tips concerning the installation of hose assembly. The important requirement is to increase the service life of the hose assembly by making sure that the routing mistakes are avoided. These tips not only ensure that the hydraulic hose has a long life but they also prevent the failure of hoses.

  • The first requirement is to ensure that there is no twisting or kinking of the hydraulic hose. If the hose undergoes a twist of only 5 degrees this can be sufficient to cause a reduction in the service life of the hose by “as much as 70%”. “A seven degree twist can result in a 90% reduction in service life”.
  • The second requirement is to see to it that the hoses are not bent any more than the bend radius that has been specified by the manufacturer of the hose.
  • The use of elbows and certain other type of adapters will help ensure that the bend radius remains within specified limits.
  • The use of recommended clamps is an important aspect of routing. Clamps help in securing the hose in the correct manner.
  • Ensure that a hose does not assume its “fully extended state”. This way it will not be pulled out of its fittings when it is pressurized.

Hydraulic manufacturers in India will confirm that most of the hydraulic assemblies are damaged due to pulling and kinking or the crushing and abrasion of the hoses and when they rub either against one another or against the surfaces surrounding them. Such damages are prevented when hoses are clamped and routed properly and when they are protected from damage due to abrasion with the help of various covers and wraps.


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