6 Common Mistakes Students Make When Writing a College Essay

6 Common Mistakes Students Make When Writing a College Essay

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Are you a college student who is getting poor grades in your college essays? Do you know the common mistakes one makes when writing a college essay?

Writing an essay is still a nightmare for many students. Most students still don’t know what the essential elements to include in a college essay are. They are not aware of the point that must be avoided to make your college essay interesting and meaningful.

Here are some common mistakes that students make when writing a college essay. If you keep these points in mind, it is easy to come up with a strong essay that can win the hearts of reviewers.

6 Common Mistakes Students Make When Writing a College Essay

  1. Fails to Answer the Questions Asked in the Essay: One of the common mistakes students make when writing a college essay is that, they fail to answer the questions that are asked in the essay. When you fail to answer the questions, it creates a negative impact in the minds of the reviewers and they will reject the essay and give you a poor grade. To overcome this problem, it is good for students to note down every question asked in the essay and check if they have answered them all, when proof reading. This ensures you don’t miss out on answering questions that are asked in the essay.
  1. Fails to Discuss the Matter: Other common mistake students all over the world make when writing a college essay is that they fail to discuss the matter given to them. Most of the time, students present just one-side of the topic and fail to create an engaging discussion.
  1. Lack of Proper Structure: Every essay needs to follow a pre-defined structure in order to grab the attention of the reviewer. As many students are unaware of the structure to be followed, they fail to implement it in their essays and end up writing an essay that is without any introduction, summary and evidence.
  1. Poor Arguments: Arguments make your essay stronger. If your college essay does not include strong arguments and there is lack of evidence to support your arguments, no one will be interested in reading your essay. So, you fail as a writer and your essays have very little chance of scoring good grades.
  1. Lack of References: It is important to include quality references in your essays so that the reviewer can review it and make sure your points are genuine and well researched ones. Most students do not understand the importance of good references and end up having no references or poor references in the essays.
  1. Too Many Errors: When you are not a genuine essay writer, it is common for students to make many mistakes while writing essays. Reviewers are very strict when it comes to errors and they don’t give a good grade for essays that are full of errors.


When a student with poor writing and researching skills writes an essay, he or she is more likely to make mistakes. An essay that is written by a professional writing agency will not have any of the mistakes mentioned here as they make sure the essay is high on standards. If you are a student who is not sure about how to avoid these mistakes, it is better to order it here.

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