A Little fact about Talcum Powder Lawsuits

A Little fact about Talcum Powder Lawsuits

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Talcum powder is considered to be a carcinogen which was proven from the studies such as Anti cancer research, Cancer Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention research.

As per the study that was conducted by the anti cancer research it was found that there is around 33% chance occurring cancer by using the talcum powder. Study was conducted by comparing 1400 women with 1800 healthy women .It was found 36% risk in ovarian cancer. In the study conducted by cancer prevention research risk of 20-30% of cancer was noticed. There are many law agencies that can help us in filing the law suits against all the products that cause harmful effects on it. If we feel that any product is pertaining negative effects on us it is the right of the consumers to fight against them and do necessary actions. It is found that there are around 1000 lawsuits that are filed in the US court against the talcum powder producer. Filing a talcum powder lawsuit in http://talcumpowder.net/ is not a tough task. Here is a little more information about it.


A little more about Lawsuits for Talcum Powder

The lawsuit that was filed claims that the talcum powder manufacturers had failed to give a warning that this may possess the risk of causing ovarian cancer if this is used for the requirement of personal hygiene. But the same was not done intentionally because the powder can enter the vagina and cause the risk of cancer. Deane Berg has filed a suit against the talcum powder for causing ovarian cancer. She was at the age of 49 and was using the talcum powder for about 30 years for her personal hygiene. Later on she realized that the main cause of the cancer was due to the usage of this powder. Even though first settlement was offered for her under the condition in the prevention of further disclosure of information from her side, she refused to do so. This was because she wanted to communicate the whole world about the serious effects that may occur due to the usage of the talcum powder. After two years the manufacture was force to make cash settlement for this suit. We can find another example for a lawsuit that was filed by Missouri women who had fought against the talcum powder companies like J&J .Ultimately the jury had found that the talcum powder manufacturers were the cause of the ovarian cancer for the late women. The case suit was filed by Marvin Salter for his late mother.

It has been observed that the jury has awarded $55 million for a consumer who was found to be a victim for the ovarian cancer. It was found that she had this disease due to the continuous usage of the Johnsons baby talc for around 40 years .Another case that we can notice is before 3 months who was awarded $72 million to the family members of the person who has underwent the same issue. She was also using the baby powder for the hygienic purpose for many years.

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