A Quick Look on Popular Kind of Fabrics for Shower Curtains

A Quick Look on Popular Kind of Fabrics for Shower Curtains

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Are you planning to give your bathroom a new look or want to renovate the existing interior of your washroom? If yes, then it’s high time to get away from old ways and think of something new for your bathroom interiors like shower curtains! The shower curtain is the newest trend of bathroom decoration. Whether it is to give your bathroom a new and contemporary look or make it more voluminous, smart installation of shower curtain can be a great idea!

Decorating the bathroom with shower curtains can be incredibly easier if you have a generalised idea about the curtains, their types and their advantages. If you have been bored with the existing, old, and outdated look of your bathroom, use of shower curtains can completely transform and renovate its appearance. All you need to do is to gain some idea about shower curtain, their usage and some smart tips to enlarge the benefits of using curtains in the bathroom.

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Types of Shower Curtain

Shower curtain is not a new entity for home decorators and renovation industry. In the current market, the availability of shower curtains, in terms of material, fabric, style, design and colour are countless. But you need to primarily focus on the material of the curtains so that your bathroom can be converted into your oasis. Here is a brief guide to the types of fabrics you can opt for your bathroom curtains. Have a look:

Plastics Shower Curtains:

In the current market, plastic curtains for shower have gained the highest popularity. They usually come in a huge number of shades and styles which mean you can easily find one that will perfectly suit your bathroom’s interior decor and give it a more classy and chic look. Moreover, as the plastic material is completely resistive to water, it can be smartly used for shower rooms.

Synthetic Shower Curtains:

Synthetic Shower Curtains are another hottest kind of shower curtain, available in the current market. It is the most affordable and commonly used material for the shower room. Curtains are made from synthetic material demand extremely low maintenance and remain operational longer than most of the natural counterparts.

Cotton & Linen Shower Curtains:

Cotton and Linen Curtains for shower room are made for natural fabrics and come in an assortment of colours, designs, prints, weaves, and thicknesses which mean, getting a handful of option while buying it won’t be impossible for you. In contrast to synthetic curtains, cotton and linen curtains look more deluxe and feel softer than its alternatives mentioned above. Moreover, curtains made from cotton and linen material are believed to be eco-friendly.

Hemp Shower Curtains:

Hemp is another popular material for shower curtains. Hemp is a more Eco-friendly shower curtain option than the other counterparts. Hemp curtain is a kind of natural curtain and is made from the plant fibres. Moreover, this kind of curtains is more durable and stronger than cotton curtains and can fight off bacteria and germs in the bathroom.

Bottom Line

Like any other things, every kind of shower curtains fabrics come with their own set of pros and cons and hence, before finalising any curtains for your shower room, don’t forget to go through their pros and cons.

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