Affordable Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in Indian Hospitals

Affordable Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in Indian Hospitals

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Heart Valve Replacement

Over the past few years, there influx of medical tourists has increased. People from Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the UK and the U.S. flock to India for their medical treatment. One of the reasons is that they get high quality treatment here.

Low surgery cost in India

The other more apparent reason is the low cost for the medical treatment in India. The cost of treatment in India is five to six-fold cheaper than that in foreign countries. The mitral valve replacement surgery in India will thus cost only one sixth to one seventh the cost of the same in the U.S. or other foreign countries.

For instance, you would pay $50,000 for a bypass heart surgery in the U.S. while the same can be performed in India successfully for $7,500. The obvious advantages of having a heart surgery is the excellent lifestyle improvement and reduction in symptoms. In addition, you have an increased life.

Consultation before the surgery

Before the surgery, the surgeon will consult you how and what you hope to achieve. He will perform a complete physical examination to make sure that you are fit condition to undergo surgery. He will give you choices and one is that of the valve. You can choose between different types of valves as your replacement valve.

  1. Mechanical valve
  2. Tissue valve
  3. Homograft

The mechanical valve is strong and durable. It will probably outlast you. Stress testing has occurred to ensure this. The shortcoming in using mechanical valves is that the chances of blood clots forming is more. You must take anticoagulant drug for the rest of your life. This will increase the chances of bleeding.

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

The tissue valves are made from animal pericardial or animal heart tissue. They treat the tissue to prevent rejection and calcification. A homograft is the human valve got from a donor. For children and pregnant women, they use this kind of transplant because the need for anticoagulation medication is short. The hemodynamic performance is excellent but one must a donor to use this method of surgery.

Diagnosis for valve replacement surgery

First, the doctors must get an idea of the condition of your heart. The doctors will conduct test to make sure you are ready to undergo surgery. The usual tests needed to ascertain the need for valve replacement surgery is the following:

  1. a) Electrocardiography
  2. b) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  3. c) Angiogram
  4. d) Transoesophageal echocardiography
  5. e) Radionuclide scans

During the examination, the doctor will listen to the sound of your heart valves opening and closing. Then, he will differentiate the sounds and listen for the one made by a leaky valve. This will be a swishing sound as blood escapes through the leaky heart.

Good for medical tourists

Considering the excellent hospital facilities and the support infrastructure by way of the nursing and pharmaceutical department, the medical tourists are getting the best treatment in the world. So, the low mitral valve repair cost India offers is the sunshine in their skies.

Always be sure to complete the treatment. Follow up after the treatment to recover fully from your medical treatment. Be sure to follow the instructions of the doctor in all respects.

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