African safari wildlife park – explore wilderness

African safari wildlife park – explore wilderness

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General Overview:

If safaris are your taste, then Africa provides unlimited opportunities to suit your preferences. The continent hosts some of the most exotic wildlife sceneries, astounding landscapes, lush green forests and mountain ranges to check out.  Along with these prolific sights, the warmth of the tribes, their fascinating culture and also various national parks such as the Uganda national park or the African safari wildlife park; just begs to be experienced.

The segment will talk about one, namely the African safari wildlife park in details. So all those travel lovers planning to head to Africa soon, read the segment very carefully.

About this magnificent park:

The Africa Safari Wildlife Park incorporates a 100 acre drive through the wildlife park situated in Port Clinton, Ohio, USA. You will be able to witness these wild creatures in their national habitat and also feed them. There is no time limit on the hours you spend with these animals and once you are done, you can move forward towards the Safari junction, another park. The distance can be covered by foot too, if you so desire. However, the facility is not open during winter season.


The AZA has accredited the park and supports proper conservation and upbringing of wild animals such as the white zebra, the giant eland, the alpaca and also giraffe.

Over 50 species of wildlife to check out

The park has more than 50 different species residing in their national environment and you as a visitor can drive and witness each and every one of them. Some of the common sights which you will find are Zebras, Giraffes, deer, elk, alpaca, buffalo, dromedary, bison, warthogs, llama, Bactrian camels and also the giant eland. The white zebra is a rare sight, but if you are in luck then you might be able to spot it too. The best part of the tour is that you will find many animals approaching the vehicle just to investigate and also for being fed. You can drive through the preserve whenever you wish and the park also comprises of food for every vehicle. If you wish to purchase some extra for feeding the animals then there are separate counters for that.

Other attractions of this reserve:

 Some of the other attractions of this park are- the Mombasa food stall which is known to dish up some really delightful local cuisines, the pork chop stalls for mouth watering snacks, the Simba lodge which is a wonderful gift store where you can buy souvenirs, lockets, hats, scarf and etc. Along with that there are also some modes of entertainment such as pony or camel rides and also a small zoo to check out.

The park is a great place for interacting with some wild animals and submits themselves in its scenic beauty.

Check online for its tour packages:

There are plenty of tour packages which you will find given out by tour and travel companies. Their packages are cost effective and also incorporate numerous incentives such as free one time meals and also quality accommodations. Just check online with reputed tour and travel companies and considering the popularity of the place, they surely will have packages based on your requirements.


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