All about Anavar pills

All about Anavar pills

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Body builders are known to have hefty muscles and bulky physique. In order to win the tiring competitions, it is essential too. Thus, many pharmaceutical companies have come up with the synthetic steroid to bolster their training sessions and boost their performance. One such steroidal drug is known as Anavar. The Anavar diet pills for cutting are very popular too. Clinically it is also known as oxandrolone or oxandrin. For a person who meticulously performs a lot of exercise and training sessions, steroidal drugs like these are often used as an aid. The synthetic steroids help to gain lean muscles in the body, improve strength and decrease the recovery times of the muscles. As a result, when consumed along with good, protein rich food; it drastically improves performance and helps to lose the body fat.

Anavar is suggested for using for only by bodybuilders and athletes who are looking for enhancing the gains and who are looking for surpassing. Anavar has side effects and the dangerous one is it increases the LDL and decreases the HDL. Anavar is not for one who has the good body. Anavar diet pills for cutting are for those who are looking to build a body but not increase the fat percentage.

Dosage of anavar – here is a know-how

The dosage recommended for women is 10mg per day, which can be increased if the woman’s body reacts in a positive and it should not increase more than 20mg. Though 10 mg is the safest dose for Women, the cycle can be for six weeks which quite an ideal period for women to get into shape after which a four-week break is required for the body to recover. It should be noted that during the off season the women using Anavar should not take clen or Novaldex.

Benefits of using Anavar

There is the visible change in the physical strength and the women can now do more strenuous workouts than before the use of Anavar. Since there is little water retention in the muscles, so there are permanent muscle gains. The body flexibility is increased along with muscle gain which is a dual advantage of Anavar usage. The body fat is lost it is the good way to enhance the performance.

Side effects of Anavar

  • These side effects are hair growth all over the body.
  • Balding of the hair especially the front area.
  • The enlargement of the clitoris in the vagina.
  • The deepening of the voice
  • A change in the facial structure of the female to larger features such as large jaw and forehead.

Enhance fat loss and metabolic rate

Basal metabolic rate is the one that is a tool to measure the amount of fat burnt in the body. The only desire lies in the fact that the body shall get rid of bad fats so that the skin looks glowing and the physique start attracting everyone around. As per the wish to reduce the fat, the BMR must be high so that a large amount of fat gets eliminated.

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