Anavar for body builders- review

Anavar for body builders- review

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Anavar is the steroid which is easily available in the market. It is not as popular as it is not available everywhere and as it has the high price. But nowadays it is readily available and its price has come down. Anavar is popular as Oxandrolone and sometimes called as Var. The main purpose of Anavar is to improve the growth of the muscle tissues and this was mainly used by patients who were suffering from diseases. It is used in treatment as it helps in promoting the growth of the muscles. This is the reason Anavar attracts many body builders.


Anavar is an anabolic steroid and is used for all the purposes. This has helped people in enhancing the muscle growth and to reduce the body fat. The use of anavar is associated with few side effects so, one must make sure to use it as per the dosage so that side effects can be avoided. Anavar is the mildest among all the steroids. Anavar reviews for body building says it can be consumed in high doses up to 100mg and the effects are seen. The side effects would include bad cholesterol and low good cholesterol, there will be damage to the liver and few kidney problems and heart damage is seen. There are few other side effects like increase in the body hair and acne and there are many androgenic effects like deepening of the voice. The androgenic effects are totally mild and this is the reason this drug is popular in the female body builders.

Anavar reviews for body building

Results of anavar

Anavar is used by professional bodybuilders and weight lifters. The main purpose of anavar is to trim the fat and this helps in getting ready for the competitions. This steroid has all the fat burning properties and many are confused if it is weight loss drug or not. But it is finalized that this is not a weight loss drug and is not suggested for using for weight loss.

For women, for gains

Anavar is the only steroid which is safe to use by women. It is called as women’s steroid. Of all the drugs, anavar is toxic and is the one which is least androgenic in nature. When correct dosage is used, women can achieve amazing results. This steroid Anavar does not have any aromatizing effects. Anavar is the one steroid which helps in gains. This helps in promoting the growth of the muscle and prevents in the wastage of the muscle. So, anavar, when used correctly, will show amazing results like muscle mass and gives a toned look to the person. When results are stacked, with Trenbolone, shows amazing results. When strict diet is followed along with workout schedule, one can speed the weight loss process and reduce the effects and achieve the muscle gain. One can use this for cutting cycle also. One must know that Anavar has the capacity to cut the organs like liver and kidney. So PCT post cycle therapy is needed for this drug. One can use other supplements which help in restoring the function of the organs along with proper nutrition.

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