Aptitude test for Architecture – Aspects included in the test interview

Aptitude test for Architecture – Aspects included in the test interview

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Aptitude tests are tests conducted by the company employees who help them in measuring the cognitive capacity of the candidate regarding the work they need to perform in the company. In short, you can say that the aptitude tests are held by the companies to check whether the candidate is suitable for the post or not. The test includes measuring skills like abstract skills or say conceptual reasoning, numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning for every field.

Along with other industries, even the architecture field demands for such tests to before hiring any candidate as an employee for any post. The aptitude test architecture also looks for the same skills in their employees, and hence, the test is equally important for knowing the skills of the candidate. The aptitude test helps the companies to know the general skills of the employees that are required for the job work.

Tests included in the aptitude assessments for an architectural company

The aptitude assessment can be bifurcated into the following groups according to the cognitive ability they need to know about the candidate.

  • Fluid intelligence

Fluid intelligence is related with the ability of the candidate to reason and think in a different way to solve the problems in a strategically way. This ability requires quick thinking with a smart solution which includes skills like problem solving, quick learning, quick integration of updated information, strategically thinking, and the ability of decision making with ambiguity.


  • Abstract aptitude test

Also known as the conceptual reasoning test, this test measures your ability of identifying the patterns, trends in the data, logical limitations, integration, etc. The time you take in solving all these is generally what is measured and also is important. The test also includes the identification of two types of sets with different shapes, on the basis of logical rules.

  • Verbal aptitude test

This test is also called by the name psychometric test, as it is carried out to measure the suitability and the potential of the candidate or employee. The verbal tests include basic and easy assessments like identifying the analogies, words, synonyms, etc. This means it tests your English language for judging your communication skills. The deeper you get into the test, the more logical the test gets. Through this, the company can determine your communication skills with the clients, team, seniors, etc. too.

  • Numerical aptitude test

With the help of the numerical aptitude test, the company can come to know your capability to deal with numerical data. This aspect tests the ability of the candidate in interpreting, analysing and drawing logical conclusions that are based on numbers. This test also includes the forming of graphs and tables for providing the data. In short, this test helps the company in known the arithmetical skills of the employees. Other tests included with this are spatial aptitude test, inductive reasoning test, diagrammatic reasoning test, etc.

The aptitude test henceforth helps the company in getting a perfect candidate who can work well on grounds like analysing reports, comprehending instructions, effective decisions making, and much more, that gives the company the best team of employees that lead the company towards success.

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