Are bladeless fans quiet

Are bladeless fans quiet

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Bladeless fans are very recent additions in the category of fans these fans have been in the market very recently in the year of 2009. The unveiling of the fan British inventor Sir James Dyson in to legal trouble with the multinational conglomerate Toshiba which had come up with the concept of the bladeless fan in the year of 1981. Dyson claimed that his design created more airflow than the ordinary fans in the market.

The original inventor of the bladeless fan is yet a subject of controversy but bladeless fan is nonetheless an excellent piece of machinery. The air is sucked in by the compressor in the base of the fan and from there the air is directed towards a ring at the top. The ring has slits cut in to it and from here the air is forced out in the shape of the ring and the effect of breeze is created. Sir James Dyson while presenting the product had called his invention “the air multiplier”.

The basic working of the fan

The fan uses the basic concepts of physics compiling them with a few other advanced principles of aerodynamics to multiply the air sucked from the slits of the base. This process of air circulation takes into use very small amounts of energy and is highly effective as well.

The process of air circulation in this fan begins with the air being sucked in from the base. There is a small motor which has asymmetrically arranged blades and with the help of these it pushes the air drawn in over many stationary blades which smoothers the airflow. In the next step the smooth airflow is pushed in the loop or hoop like structure of the fan which is visible at the top. The air circulates inside the hoop structure before is ejected from very narrow slits which are present along the entire hoop of the fan.

Are bladeless fans quiet

The air multiplication occurs in three different steps and takes in to use the concept of principle of inducement of the fluid mechanics. It is this principle which gets a fluid to stick to the shape of the container in which it is flowing even when the walls of the container are no longer present. The last step of air multiplication occurs by means of principle of entrainment. Together combining these two effects the final multiplication of the air sucked in is 225 times the original volume.

Thus, the bladeless fans are really efficient that can be seen from this data. Know more about bladeless fan. But a general question that arises is that are these fans quiet as well?

Well the company claimed that the fans are very much quiet when the products were launched in the market but due to their very high price the fan was not purchased in very large numbers thus the initial feedback or the review of the customers was not much available. But since unveiling the fan the company did unveil a few other models and after 4-5 years the company did some rectification to their excellent design and tried to convert the turbulent air flow in the base of their fan to become laminar. This as they claim has reduced the noise in air circulation by 75% from what it used to be initially and as per the company’s claim the fans were very quiet earlier thus now they have become a lot much quieter and the company has given you an incentive to buy a fan. The company has also claimed that the sounds of about 1000 Hz that were earlier produced are no longer being produced by the fan.

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