Is it Possible to Obtain Certifications for a Blockchain Career?

Blockchain Career

Absolutely. The technology and innovation is growing tremendously. Knowledge and skillsets that these tech experts possess cuts a wide swath. With things changing and technology updates taking place out there, staying certified and updated is an ideal way to differentiate yourself from others. It is a proven fact that certified professionals earn higher salary packages than the non-certified counterparts.

Talking of blockchain, there’s a lot of money inflow and the demand for these skills are invariable. By 2023, the blockchain market size is said to rise to $23.3 billion, that too at a compound annual growth rate of 80.2%. Taking up blockchain certifications may open doors in to an exciting career ahead.

Blockchain technology, a distributed ledger consists of a chain of blocks that are connected using cryptography. Talking of Bitcoin – digital currency, blockchain technology is the underlying technology that supports it. Cryptocurrencies would not be possible with this underlying technology. These blocks serve purposes such as timestamps that are of good use in cryptography. Due to the properties cryptography possess, it is completely difficult to modify any changes once the information is stored.

Seeing the growth of blockchain technology, people are now showing interest in staying ahead with blockchain career. However, there are a lot of factors that needs to be taken into consideration such as where to learn the skills from or which blockchain certification will prove vital for my career etc. With the rise of technology comes the demand for blockchain individuals with the relevant skills. If you’re looking for a leg up in your career, probably this is the right time to take your career to another level. There are many ways how one can learn these skills, but an ideal choice would be certifications.

Blockchain Career

As virtual currencies keep evolving, the demand for tech experts will increase as companies will keep looking for candidates who are proficient in blockchain skills. Receive the necessary skills and hands-on experience by taking up these blockchain certifications:

  • Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium (C4)

C4, a non-profit aim at providing certifications for professionals who are looking forward to demonstrate the knowledge they already have in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. There is specifically no courses that is attached to the certification which is why it is ideal for candidates that already have knowledge in this field but are looking to enhance their skill set through blockchain certification. The certifications offered here are – Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), Certified Bitcoin Expert (CBX), and Certified Ethereum Developer (CED).

  • Central Blockchain Council of America

The Central Blockchain Council of America offers arrays of certification programs in blockchain that covers the current industry requirements. One of their notable certification program is the Business Blockchain Professional that covers every aspect in the business concept that also aims at imparting in-depth knowledge and how it is impacting companies today. For candidates with a master’s degree do not require work experience and also does not require prior technical background. Business Blockchain Professional(BBP), Certified Blockchain Engineer (CBE), and Global Blockchain Leader (GBL) are some of the credible certifications one can choose from.

  • Blockchain Training Alliance

Pearson VUE (leader in computer-based testing) along with the Blockchain Training Alliance provides blockchain certifications for developers, software architects and programmers with blockchain skills. Once the candidate registers for any certification program, it gets registered on public and private blockchains thus providing safe and secured verification of these credentials both for students as well as employer. The certification program offered here are – BTA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA), BTA Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum (CBDE), and BTA Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger (CBDH).

The advantages of taking up a certification program is the structured and organized method of learning you’ll be receiving. Are you all set in accelerating your career in blockchain today?

How to Increase the Chances of Your Personal Loan Approval in 10 Steps

PersonalLoan is an unsecured loan and is generally taken by individuals for purposes like debt consolidation, meeting personal obligations, weddings, and functions in the family or purchase of assets for which specific loans are not available. Rates of interest applicable on Axis Bank Personal Loans  or other personal loans are generally higher to rate for secured loans. A few steps to increase one’s chances of being approved for Personal Loans have been discussed below. Almost all banks including Bank of Baroda, Federal Bank, and other private and public banks offer Personal Loans.

 Readiness and preparedness for taking Loan

Personal Loans are generally issued without any collateral security. However, the financial institution verifies and confirmsthe identity and repayment capacity of the person before approving the Loan. So, one should ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria before applying for an unsecured loan.

Personal Loans are generally sanctioned to people in the age band of 21 to 60 years.The applicant should be ready with the documents required such as income certificates and tax returns, which are pre-requisites for getting the Personal Loan sanctioned.

You should also acquire knowledge about the rate of interest, processing fees, pre-payment clauses, foreclosure charges, and monthly instalments before applying for the Loan.

Gaining complete knowledge about all possible aspects and then Applying for a Personal Loanafter complete preparation boosts chances of easy sanction.

  1. Maintain a high credit score

Credit Score measures the creditworthiness of an individual. A high Credit Score is a reflection of one’s repaying capability. Hence, with a good score, you can expect a quick approval of a Personal Loan. A poor credit score on the other hand may result in rejection of your loan application.

Paying one’s debts regularly, maintaining a low credit utilization ratio and opting for a variety of credit mix are a few easy steps which help improve your credit score. A score of 750 or more is considered as idealfor availing fast credit.

  1. Keep a check on how a credit score is changing

Credit Score keeps on changing on the basis of one’s performance on defined yardsticks. It is thus important to keep a tap on movements therein. There may be mistakes in data which would require immediate corrective steps. Moreover, the individual would be in a position to work on the parameters to achieve desired scores by exercising a constant watch.


  1. Refrain from making multiple loan applications

An individual should refrain from applying for various loans with various lenders. This generally leads to a belief that the person is desperate for credit and may not be able to pay off multiple debts availed from different lenders. It should be noted that there is a hard enquiry on one’sCredit Report every time a Personal Loan is applied for and this may lead to impacting one’s Credit Score adversely which in turn may impact one’s ability to get loan approvals. It is also important to note that every application rejection further reduces the chances of loan approvals in the future.

  1. Sufficient time gap to be maintained between two loan applications

While Applying for a Personal Loan, one should ensure that the credit history does not have a mention of any other loan application in the period of the last 6 months. Applying for loans at a smaller time gap, may make the lender doubt whether the person would be able to repay his debts. If a personal loan is not of immediate requirement, a gap of at least 6 months should be maintained at the time of raising a new requirement.

  1. Check amount being expended on paying off other loan obligations

A lender would generally access a person’s loan repaying capability by checking his financial obligations. At the time of application, one must ensure not more than 30% of his income is used for paying off non Home Loan related credit. This would enhance the chances of getting Personal Loan approved promptly.

  1. Maintain a healthy Debt-Income ratio

Debt to Income ratio is a ratio of a person’s gross income and the amount of debts he is liable to. This is a tool to check the disposable income of a person after paying the liabilities. The lower the ratio, the more favorable it is for loan approval. A ratio of less than 40% is considered good at the time of aloan sanction.

  1. A mix of secured and unsecured loans in the portfolio

A secured loan is one in which the individual seeking Loan has to provide collateral to the lender. For example- the house in case of a Home Loan, vehicle in case of an Auto Loan and ornaments in case of Gold Loan are pledged with the lender. If there is a secured loan extended to any person, getting an unsecured or Personal Loan becomes much easier because the lender is re-assured on the basis of the asset held. Hence, a mix of secured and unsecured loans in one’s portfolio increases the chances of being approved for a Personal Loan.

  1. Stability of income and job

A Personal Loan is extended to an intended borrower without any collateral, hence job and income stability are essential parameters. One must ensure they are in the same job for at least six months before the loan application. People who change jobs frequently run a high chance of having their loan application rejected.

  1. Loan amount should be reasonable

The loan amount should be reasonable and such that the loan seeker would be able to repay the same with ease. The loan amount should be decided depending on one’s income, expenses, other loan commitments, and such other factors which may influence one’s capacity to pay off the Loan and interest thereon. If the amount of Loan is decent, the chances of getting approval are high. Unreasonable demands which defy logic are generally turned down by financial institutions.

Following these points, you will significantly enhance your chances for Personal Loan approval.

How to get home health care service at a reasonable price

Home health care service provides assistance to the elderly people of your family or aged parents. There are lots of things need to understand about home health care service because it is a diversified field that offers many services to the elderly ones. Home health care service is provided by the professionals who are expertise in the services.

There are also various types of institution that provides these kinds of service. The most common health care professionals who are known by everyone are nurses. They not only just take care of the patients by providing the basic necessary needs but also most skilled people. They are capable of monitoring the vital signs and giving the correct medicines to the patients. They are also trained to use medical equipment.

Home care aids

There is also another kind of people in home care personnel. They are home care aids who can be addressed as the health care companion. They provide comfortable assistance for the health companion in the basic living skills such as bathing and dressing up. They are also trained to prepare the nutritional diet foods for the aged ones whom you love the more. They also do basic light cleaning at the home in order to cut down the spread of illness.

They can also be called as the homemakers or the house companions. These people need not necessarily completing their schooling or formally skilled with caring the aged people. It is sure that they can take care of your home and the elderly people at your home. They can the basic necessities of the home.

 It is better to talk to your family members in order to get of health care, especially to the elderly ones. This would really make the comfort to the new person. If you find that your parents are much comprehended about the situation, it is just the better thing to make them involved in the decision making the process. By doing this you can just avoid the problems between the caregiver and caretaker. If not it may also lead to resending of the caretaker by the recipient since they might feel uncomfortable to have someone else other than family members to tend to them. It is better to clear this without any doubts.

Important things to check

Later, the important thing that you need to sort out is to define the caretaker’s tasks. You can do this by considering the current medical conditions of the elderly ones. You can also take up the task that is medically advised by a doctor, which would be a far one. The next step is to involve the actual daily routine schedule for the caregiver. This would be much comfortable for them and also you. The next step is to find the best home care service centre to hire a person. Choose the one which is near your place. You can also compare the fees and requirements. It is mandatory to check whether the agency is duly certified by the government or not.  To hire a home health care service, you can get help from

How To Study Maths In An Interesting Way?

Maths is an interesting subject. But if you find this subject boring, you can surely make it interesting through different ways. Maths will be a fun subject if you study the same by following the tips given in this article. Maths is made up of interesting formulas, tables, operations and other mathematical concepts. Let’s explore how you can understand all this in an engaging way.

Real life application

Maths is used in everyday life. When you go to the market to buy groceries, you use maths to calculate the total money to be paid to the shopkeeper. Even when cooking food in the kitchen, you need to measure the number of ingredients to be put to make that dish. Even when you playing your favourite sports such as cricket you need maths and numbers to keep a record of the runs scored. Using mathematical concepts in everyday life makes learning math interesting.

Online Educational Videos

Solving the mathematical problems in the same way, again and again, can be boring. You can watch the mathematical concepts explained by the subject experts in the educational video form. They use all the mathematical symbols to explain the basic concepts in an easy way. Practicing a particular topic by yourself and then watching the same in a video form will help you remember it better.

Maths models

Making a three-dimensional mathematical model of your favourite topic like geometrical shapes can help you learn these topics quickly. It can be made more interesting by creating these models together with a group of friends.

Group Studies

To study maths in an interesting way, you can either call your friend to your place or you can join him for studies. You both can explain the topic to each other. You can also solve some quiz on a mathematical topic or ask questions on the same. Topics like co-prime numbers can be interesting for a quiz.

Colourful notes and charts

Making colourful notes and charts for the different formulas and tables can make it interesting to learn maths. It would be fun going back to those notes for revision. It would also help you remember the concepts better for long.


To learn math in an interesting way, you can always follow the above given tips. Maths is a very interesting subject. You just need to practice it more and study it in a different way to score well in the same.

To explore all the important mathematical topics in an engaging way, download BYJU’S.

Why People Need to Buy Redmi Note 7 Pro Smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

Buying the best model of smartphone is a major concern for people today. Plenty of smartphones are available in the market that provided by the popular smartphone company. You can go to the latest model from the popular brand and make sure excellent features. The mobile price list is very important for people to make informed decision to buy a better smartphone. With the advent of technology, you can conduct a simple search to find out the best model of the phone through internet. You can visit the best shop and browse different models of phone from a famous brand.

If you are looking for the best brand, you can switch over to xiaomi and get the best one. Recently, they launch redmi note 7 Pro in the marketplace. This is a suitable smartphone that comes up under 15K. The users highly demand this smartphone mainly for

  • Large display
  • Excellent battery capacity
  • Great camera
  • Stunning memory
  • Processor

These are the main factors that people need to buy a smartphone. You can visit the right online portal and see the review and rating of the phone. You can check the important things present in the latest model and then pick up the best phone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

Best for display, design, and build quality:

It is the new flagship of xiaomi comes up with a great outlook and impressive features. Specification and feature is the main aspect of people when it comes to buying the phone. It manages aura design and perfect finish. The smartphone is flaunted with the shiny and solid gorilla glass 5 layer on the top. This is available in different colors like black, Neptune blue, and nebula red. The design of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro is a great treat to user’s eyes. It comes up with 6.3-inch full high definition display with the dot notch design. It is excellent for watching videos on the streaming channel.


The smartphone is designed with Qualcomm snapdragon 675 octa-core processor. It is a powerful processor that works well for user needs. It is regarded as the mid-range smartphone in the present industry. This one performs at the peak level and allows users to utilize better gaming, photography session, multimedia streaming, and others. It is powered with the android pie operating system. You can use the smartphone smoothly.

Camera option:

It is the most perspective thing of users when making a decision to buy the smartphone. The camera is the main consideration of people. It maintains a dual camera option that holds 48MP with Sony sensor and 5MP depth sensor with great aperture. On the other hand, cameral also support electronic image stabilization, artificial intelligence portrait mode, phase detection auto focus, LED flash, and so on. With the best camera option, the users can take photos and shoot videos in different light conditions. So, you can look at the major things about the phone and buy them.