Babies born via the artificial womb can prove to be a distinct reality

Babies born via the artificial womb can prove to be a distinct reality

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baby born in artificial womb

This experiment was tried in case of sheep, but baby in artificial womb does arise to be a distinct possibility. Because of this precise reason scientists haver for decades tried in developing a baby born in artificial womb. This is going to create a natural environment where the baby can find itself at. The main challenge would be formulation of a circulatory system, which is going to establish connection between the mother and the fetus. The flow of blood from the mother to the baby and back on to her. Here oxygen is being exchanged for carbon dioxide. The flow of blood just has to be with the desired pressure, but if you use an external pump it can cause a lot of damage to the heart of your baby.

baby born in artificial wombIn order to solve this problem it would be much better if you formulate a pump less circulatory system. The heartbeat of the baby is capable to provide enough amount of blood without the need of another pump. Then came up the possibility of an infection. The premature infants in the open incubators normally face in the ICU. At this point of time the amniotic fluid and the bag comes into play. The fluid is going to flow in and outside of the bag just like it does in case of a uterus ensuring removal of waste. For this reason it becomes necessary to shield the younger one from infections when you at the hospital. At the same time the developing lungs of the baby should be full of fluids.

You ought to be aware that lambs are not humans and the pace of brain development does differ from humans. To a large extent a lot of research is still called into the science along with safety of the device before it can be subject to use on human beings. Already the testing phase is on in case of human sized lambs that were kept in bio bags in the earlier part of pregnancy. A system of monitoring is in place where the lamb’s survival is monitored for their survival rate once you take them off the ventilator for long term problems. If you assume a realistic figure to be tested on human beings it might take another 3 years.

This does provide for an interesting bit of observation. To encourage development in an artificial environment, can go on to reduce a host of problems which would have emerged in case if you are born early. Each or every facility does not have the expertise or resources to provide optimum solutions in case of the developing mothers. In fact this is a problem that the bio bag would not be able to solve. A lot of disparities do exist after a preterm birth. If the care facilities are of the higher order then positive outcomes from the treatment can be expected. But there is a worry as this could cause concerns among the would be parents.

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