Bio Metric Time Software Is Very Important In All Offices

Workers are generally smoking. They never come in punctual to the office. They come to office five to ten minutes delay. The manager also comes like this so the workers are happy to delay in their arrivals. In departures from the office also they go early from the office, nobody is there to question them. In many cases the boss is outstation. He comes only once or twice in a month to the office. This is big advantage for the all workers. They are not caring the boss instruction on their attendance. In case, the manager obeys the rule the workers would be also obeying the rule. In case, the manager is violating the rule workers would also violate the rule in presence to their office. This is happening in many places, so the owner is paying additional money to the workers where they are not working on time. In some cases, the smokers would be quieting the office frequently to toilet and they smoke the cigarette and coming back to the seat, there is no one to ask them too. But in the bio metric time software this is not possible once the person enter to his office; he has to punch the machine.


Software would inform to the boss the worker has presence on time to office. While leaving the office they have to punch the machine again the worker leaving time is brought to the eyes of the owner. This free time clock is available on the software, actually this is software designed for all workers. Even the pay roll is maintained and the payments of the worker are maintained by the software. Apart from this expense of the office is maintained by the above software. The above software is available for free to install and check the software ability. Once the owner is happy he could buy the software and use the software in the office. Normally the worker is taking advantage when the boss is not in the office. When the boss is in the office the same worker is coming on time and doing all his work. The work is not delayed when the boss is available in the office. This is the worker’s mind that they are interested in playing dual game and reducing the popularity of the office. In general every office has the popularity once the office is functioning at the right way that office is famous and the public dealing with that office are happy with the system. Once the boss is not in the office the office is in out of the control. The above problem could be solved once the above software is installed in the office with the computer based machine.  There would not be any pending work when the above software is installed in the office. The reason is the workers are balanced in the time or duty of the workers. They are not permitted to have free time to smoke; once they want to have a smoke again they need to enter the machine.

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