Errors You Should Avoid in Social Media Listening

social listening

If you are investing into social media listening that is a wonderful thing. It would not just boost your business but also give you a new perspective. You can grow extensively once you use the right things in the right manner.

Once you do social listening, do you take care of the mistakes? Of course, there are many businesses that make mistakes that are not just embarrassing but really disappointing too. There are mistakes that you should not make when doing social media listening. Have a look:

Not owning a plan

Most of the failures in listening come from lack of plan.  It is really tempting to charge in, form alerts, and assume that the monitoring tool will get you what you require. But it just does not work like that. You attain the finest results by consciously setting up your account, thinking much about what you really want to attain. Of course it is not really exciting, but it would save you energy and time in the long listening

Forming the net extremely wide

Great monitoring has to be focused and precise. Once you form your first alert, it could be tempting to try to catch everything that has been said on social media. After all, in case you think your search down, you are just restricting your results. But, again you have to understand that limiting your results have grand benefits too.

  • You don’t really waste time wading through unimportant mentions.
  • You do not really pay for mentions that you do not require.

As social media monitoring gets you a quota, you cannot simply afford to gather unnecessary information. Well, is there any way you can avoid this? The answer is yes:

It is where setting clear monitoring goals actually helps. By selecting your focus before you begin to monitor, your keywords frequently choose themselves. For example, in case you care particularly about product complaints, simply restrict your search from the beginning. You must look for a combination of your brand name, also negative words such as hate, broker and so on.

Are you not reacting?

One of the biggest benefits of social media listening is that the finest tools allow you do it in real time. It simply means, as soon as somebody mentions you on social, you actually know about it. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, it does not really matter.  It is mainly valuable for customer service, wherein a quick response can assist you solve a client’s issue and form brand loyalty. And you know it is perhaps even much more important during the time of a brand crisis. In case you don’t get to know immediately when things begin to go wrong, you might not react until it’s actually extremely late.But it is not sufficient to just listen in real time. You require an action plan, whether you are just responding to enquiries or acting inn any other way.

Thus, using social media listening is one thing and doing it the right way is the other. The choice is yours.

What is Compactus Shelving and How Does it Work in a Library?


Compactus shelving is an excellent storage solution for the office, libraries, and even at home.

Compactus shelving, or more commonly referred to as mobile storage, is a storage system that is ideal for anyone needing to store large volumes of materials in a smaller than ideal space. This brilliant organizational tool was created over 50 years ago and have presented an elegant solution to many organizational issues.

Contemporarily, there are two main types of compactus shelving: manual and electronic.

Manual Compactus Units

Manual systems are comprised of shelving units that are set upon wheels. Tracks are imbedded in the floor and the wheels attached to the shelving units are set into those tracks. The tracks are carefully levelled to reduce the effort necessary to move the massive units. Tracks can be countersunk into newly laid floor, or integrated into raised flooring. Each shelving unit has two faces of storage space. Movement along the tracks opens up the desired face, creating an aisle. This can be achieved by simple handles (hand operated compactus) that can be used to push or pull the shelving units into their desired positions, or by the use of a hand crank (mechanical compactus), where the clockwise/counter clockwise spin of the crank will propel the compactus shelving unit either forward or backward.

Tracks can also be laid on top of existing floors, as a compactus base mobile shelving, should the desired area not be capable of having new floors placed, or having racks imbedded in existing floors. With the many options available for manual compactus units, there is a format that will best fit any library or space, new or old.

Electronic Compactus Units

Electronic compactus units are an elegant solution for public spaces that have some advantages over manual units. Electronic compactus units have similar track and wheel systems to manual units, but a small motor is hidden in the base that are used to move the unit. These motors are activated by pushing a button. These compactus solutions allow unfettered access for people with limited mobility. They also are a much safer choice for public spaces as they can have safety and security features installed as well- restricting access to certain shelf faces, or keeping someone from getting hurt accidentally.

Compactus Shelving

Compactus Units in Libraries

Many high end public spaces, such as university libraries, are turning toward electronic compactus systems that are integrated into automated systems such as RFID, archiving systems, and even automated open and close mechanisms that allow for easy retrieval of any necessary material. Allowing the public, or your customers, to easily access what they are looking for. Making the space not only user friendly, and easily accessible, but safe, well organized, and visually stunning. The compactus unit allows even smaller libraries with limited space and funds an affordable way to make the most out of the room they have available, without having to compromise materials.

Compactus units are not just for books anymore

While compactus units have traditionally been used for file storage and books, digitization has reduced the need of paper filing systems. The compactus shelving systems are no longer relegated to physical archival materials. Compactus units are now being used to store a range of different items and utilities. Small companies can find them useful for storing extra stock as well as archives, allowing more of the available space to be utilized solely for retail purposes. Another great way to utilize your compactus storage system is to use it to store individual office spaces. Such as a place to store coats and personal items away from the public’s eye. Or even an area for breakroom appliances. Compactus units are capable of storing any thing from flat screens to art supplies. Many units can even have custom lighting solutions installed. The only limit is your available space and ingenuity. This becomes a very attractive solution for anyone who wants to save money on floor space while not sacrificing functionality and aesthetics.

Small space, big storage with compactus systems

Compactus storage systems can increase usable floor space by 50% when used in place of more traditional methods. With available options that make it possible to purchase units that are mobile or semi-temporary, you won’t end up paying a bunch of money to completely renovate a space. They are an ideal storage solution for any office, small business, or public space, but they can also be easily integrated into home decor as well, ensuring that you can make the most of whatever space you have.

5 Reasons A Virtual Office Space Could Be Vital For Your Startup

5 Reasons A Virtual Office Space Could Be Vital For Your Startup

Imagine your office is in one of West London’s trendy spaces overlooking the business district. Even better, you and your device are in one of England’s plush, green pastures, and surprisingly, there is a great wifi connection, so you can actually accomplish a lot of work. Working remotely provides you with the freedom and flexibility to complete tasks in any location.

The remote working platform, when complemented by the virtual office suite, it can make work effortless. The virtual office has not only revolutionized remote work, but it has also made it possible for many ventures to get off the ground simply through its cost-effectiveness. For startups, especially, the virtual office can be essential to establishing your London business.

Keep reading to learn more about why the virtual office is so important in getting your startup off the ground.


The virtual office is a plan that supports remote work through an online platform that is provided through any serviced office. In addition to providing your business with a reliable internet connection, the virtual office provides businesses with access to conference and meeting rooms in locations where the serviced office operates. Furthermore, businesses get the benefit of having a dedicated address and phone number.

With a Servcorp virtual office in London, for example, businesses can enjoy the benefits of having an office location in some of the most prestigious business districts in the city. In addition, the company provides a receptionist to answer calls during the business day, and an answering service at night. While Servcorp is a larger example of this type of plan, most offices run along this format, and because setup costs are typically low, startups on a budget save money.

Online Tools 

Through the virtual office, startups can use an amalgam of apps and business management tools to run their business. The online landscape is limitless and startup space can use as much free space without the extra charge in setting up their infrastructure.  The apps and tools available to businesses allow managers to hire talented candidates from around the world, pay contractors, assign and receive submissions, communicate with others, and keep excellent records. In addition, many of these functions allow you to share files online, to send electronic signatures, and keep a public calendar. In essence, startups can begin with a few applications and expand in virtual space as their business grows. 


Marketing Tools 

The marketing tools available online will allow businesses to use online metrics to determine the behavior of potential customers. These tools allow businesses to track users, and more importantly, these tools can be used in helping businesses use SEO in attracting customers to their site. On a very limited scale, businesses can do much of the market research about their market on their own. 

Versatility And Convenience 

The virtual office is both convenient and versatile because it can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as you have a device and an internet connection. Furthermore, the virtual office allows businesses the chance to operate at any time of the day or night making it possible to work with people around the world. In many ways, this office suite provides business with access to markets in other regions in the world.

Explore New Markets 

Because of this range, businesses have more flexibility in exploring new markets. The virtual office costs very little to manage, and in many cases, professionals do not have to travel until they absolutely are certain they want to do business in an international locale. In essence, it makes international business more feasible and accessible to the average business. For startups, this type of access is essential to competing with other, more established businesses.

Success Through The Virtual Office 

Your virtual office in London, in Cambridge, in Norwich, in Liverpool or in any major city can open doors for your fledgling startup. With a device, an internet connection, and a virtual office platform, you can essentially pick the location of your workspace every day depending on your business’s needs. Moreover, this flexibility is the factor in giving your business access to the world.

How to spot a succesful marketing agency

Growing up a business is not an easy task, and it can take even years in order to set all the things in their right place. But the truth is that in order to do it better, you should me more aware about couple of things, spending your money smarter and making a good research before you continue making it an actual thing which can affect towards the future of your company. Having a good commercial or social media strategy is one of the main things when building up a brand, and in a fact, it will always be remembered if it was done excellent, such as the ones available in the video, being a part of the list

But besides dealing with the quality of the product you are offering or making a good offer with the service you are offering, you should be very careful when it comes to promoting it online or offline. Nowadays, there are many ways of receiving a certain information, and by that, making an outstanding business has become a bit harder than it previously was. In order to leave a first impression at the right viewers’s eyes, you should consider working with an ecxcellent marketing agency, and in order to spot the best one easily, we can help you building your criteria, which will be of a great importance to you when it comes to choosing who to hire.

Make a list of the available companies

No matter if you have chosen to work with a local company, or to seek for a team online, you will need to find the best ones and choose one of them once you are done with the evaluation process. First of all, using a search engine can help you find their contacts, so you can search for marketing agencies near you, and it will help you make the list. And if you want to do it by the shortest way, without considering many options and taking the risk of possible failure, you can always click here and follow the basic steps. Also, do not hesitate to seek for them deeper on the internet, since not always the optimization will be made in order to show you the best results first. And if want to work with a company that don’t necessarelly need to be near you, you can always expand your search to the next level. Once you are able to gather all the information, you can move along to the second step.

Research their previous work

If a certain agency is worth your time, they will be able to provide you a great portfolio and some contacts of their previous customers. Since the success of a certain campagn can be objectivelly measured, you won’t experience any problems when it comes to evaluating their previous campagins. Also, keep in mind that the quality of the product may be equivalent to the price, so always make sure that you’ve planned a bigger budget in front, in order to have the best service which can help you earn more by growing up your business. Once you are having their email adress or a number, you can arrange a meeting or a skype interview, during which they will explain everything to you, as well as give you an offer which can help you determinate if they are worth your time.

Choose a team of professionals

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to working with an advertising company. Many people are living in a denial, thinking that being a good copywriter or graphic disagner means that you don’t need to have any education behind you, but they are very wrong. In order to be a good part of the team you should have a varieties of knowledge, and if each member is not a professional in the possition, many problems may occur. So always make sure that you’ve made a good research in advance, knowing to who you are giving your trust towards, in order to skip a problem of this kind which may cost you a lot of time, money and effort invested in. Also, since you will be in need of choosing someone to take care about your social media campagin, as well as your web page, it is always better to choose an agency that has a team of professionals skilled in everything, such as City Tech.

 Trust the team and be patient

                Once you’ve hired an agency, you shouldn’t be impatiend and give them impossible deadlines. They are already familiar with all the work, and you are supposed to trust them and be patient. The results may took a bit longer because it depends from the complexity of the task, but however, there are things which can take months to be achieved, such as SEO optimization. So remember that you need to be patient and to build a good communication with the team.


                Choosing a good marketing agency can be a compelx task, since nowadays there are many companies that are offering services of this kind. But you need to remember that first of all, you need a couple of them in order to make a choice, and also, you will need to research their background experience, in order to determine weather they are good enough when responding to your buisnees strategy. Once you’ve hired the agency, you should build a strong communication with the team and put your trust into their hands. Remember that since you’ve chosen a professional team, you don’t need to worry about the outcome. It is very important not to make them work under preassure and to respect their deadlines, since making them do this job in a short amount of time may kill their creativity and you may end up with a product that won’t be satisfying to you. Remember that they are excellent in their job and that the only thing you need to do is wait for the magic to happen.

Keeping Air Shipping in Canada Hassle-Free

Shipping by air freight can be time-consuming and taxing for any customer. In Canada, there are several resources to depend on to both send or receive different types of products. Customers can find shipping for objects or even live cargo in many instances. Here are some of the tools that customers are provided with to make air shipping easier:

  • Find details about specific packages
  • Track package processing details
  • Check flights and scheduling time for packages to be sent
  • Sign up for online notifications or message features to cell phone apps

Finding a company to work with is easy.

Air shipping from Canada has multiple agencies to choose from for meeting many types of shipping needs. Customers may have sensitive time requirements; shipping companies are prepared to meet the needs of numerous clients. Attention to tailoring business to each client as much as possible is an important key to ensuring that every customer gets the most satisfactory service possible.

Direct cargo shipping is available for over international borders coming into or going out of Canada. Multiple shipping hubs throughout the world make a seamless business transaction possible for customers. Satisfaction is the focus of any transaction, and every attempt is taken to meet that need.

Shipper responsibility when dealing with live cargo:

  • The shipper complies with the rules and regulations governing all live cargo
  • The animal must be in good health
  • The container or kennel the animal is being shipped in conforms with IATA regulations:
  • Arrival volume and weight match with the acceptance claimed when the cargo was accepted

All business owners must meet or comply with the rules and regulations written in regard to safe handling practices for all shipping needs.

Air shipping satisfaction is the key aim for service providers.

Air shipping requirements are CIFFA (Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association) certified, to ensure that all shipping rules are followed. There are multiple shipping service providers available to choose from. Some have won awards for Outstanding Contribution Excellence in Innovation and Air Excellence Awards, both ways to recognize top quality shipping companies.

Advancements in technology make a difference.

Shipping quality includes innovation in applications and technology which provide higher satisfaction in quality of service. Improvements are being sought out every day, and both customer and service providers reap the benefits of the constant search for perfection. Industry standards are met with ease as technology improves in quality.

Air shipping is changing every day.

When it comes to air shipping in Canada, be prepared to receive the very best in quality and options. It’s time to be astounded! Go online now to find the perfect solution to all shipping needs.