Is it Possible to Obtain Certifications for a Blockchain Career?

Blockchain Career

Absolutely. The technology and innovation is growing tremendously. Knowledge and skillsets that these tech experts possess cuts a wide swath. With things changing and technology updates taking place out there, staying certified and updated is an ideal way to differentiate yourself from others. It is a proven fact that certified professionals earn higher salary packages than the non-certified counterparts.

Talking of blockchain, there’s a lot of money inflow and the demand for these skills are invariable. By 2023, the blockchain market size is said to rise to $23.3 billion, that too at a compound annual growth rate of 80.2%. Taking up blockchain certifications may open doors in to an exciting career ahead.

Blockchain technology, a distributed ledger consists of a chain of blocks that are connected using cryptography. Talking of Bitcoin – digital currency, blockchain technology is the underlying technology that supports it. Cryptocurrencies would not be possible with this underlying technology. These blocks serve purposes such as timestamps that are of good use in cryptography. Due to the properties cryptography possess, it is completely difficult to modify any changes once the information is stored.

Seeing the growth of blockchain technology, people are now showing interest in staying ahead with blockchain career. However, there are a lot of factors that needs to be taken into consideration such as where to learn the skills from or which blockchain certification will prove vital for my career etc. With the rise of technology comes the demand for blockchain individuals with the relevant skills. If you’re looking for a leg up in your career, probably this is the right time to take your career to another level. There are many ways how one can learn these skills, but an ideal choice would be certifications.

Blockchain Career

As virtual currencies keep evolving, the demand for tech experts will increase as companies will keep looking for candidates who are proficient in blockchain skills. Receive the necessary skills and hands-on experience by taking up these blockchain certifications:

  • Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium (C4)

C4, a non-profit aim at providing certifications for professionals who are looking forward to demonstrate the knowledge they already have in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. There is specifically no courses that is attached to the certification which is why it is ideal for candidates that already have knowledge in this field but are looking to enhance their skill set through blockchain certification. The certifications offered here are – Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), Certified Bitcoin Expert (CBX), and Certified Ethereum Developer (CED).

  • Central Blockchain Council of America

The Central Blockchain Council of America offers arrays of certification programs in blockchain that covers the current industry requirements. One of their notable certification program is the Business Blockchain Professional that covers every aspect in the business concept that also aims at imparting in-depth knowledge and how it is impacting companies today. For candidates with a master’s degree do not require work experience and also does not require prior technical background. Business Blockchain Professional(BBP), Certified Blockchain Engineer (CBE), and Global Blockchain Leader (GBL) are some of the credible certifications one can choose from.

  • Blockchain Training Alliance

Pearson VUE (leader in computer-based testing) along with the Blockchain Training Alliance provides blockchain certifications for developers, software architects and programmers with blockchain skills. Once the candidate registers for any certification program, it gets registered on public and private blockchains thus providing safe and secured verification of these credentials both for students as well as employer. The certification program offered here are – BTA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA), BTA Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum (CBDE), and BTA Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger (CBDH).

The advantages of taking up a certification program is the structured and organized method of learning you’ll be receiving. Are you all set in accelerating your career in blockchain today?

The Aptitude Analysis: The Success of the Employees

What is an aptitude test?

An aptitude may be called as the natural ability to do something in a way that will be most productive. And it is like the natural tendency to do something which can take out the best possible result or come out of a problem in the best possible way. An aptitude test is designed in a way that is able to assess a particular person, who is applying for any kind of job or any kind of recruitment examination, for the main cause of judging that particular person about his knowledge and also his ability to use that knowledge in the most suitable way. It also tells us about the competency level of a particular person to complete a particular type of task. It is very much used to assess the potential of that person in an academic way as well as for the suitability for a better career. It is also used to test the metal ability how a person should use their wit to complete a certain task and also in the variety of the domains.

Different exams are conducted on the basis of the aptitude in the campus recruitment process, where the students are given the test sheet to answer the question which will check their aptitude in a better way. Thus, this aptitude has been very helpful for the companies as they are able to select a good bunch of students from which they further select them for their companies.

Aptitude tests are also involved in some of the academic tests as well. They also judge the candidate in the most productive way in whatever course they are applying.

Need for the aptitude test

Aptitude tests are used in many aspects just because of its importance to different sectors. The need for the aptitude tests is given below:

  • To assess whether the applicant will become a very successful teacher, a very effective physician and also a very keen social worker, etc.
  • Aptitude tests are very much useful to help the individuals to choose his or her particular profession so that they can flourish in the better way, and in a way, it will be very much helpful for the company as well.
  • The test also helps the company aspect as well, with which they can choose a proper worker as well as proper technicians for their job profile.
  • These tests also help the counselling purpose as the counsellor will be able to judge that particular person in a proper way.
  • It also helps the schools and the colleges to get better student and also better faculties.

Use of the aptitude test

There are many uses of the aptitude test in many dimensions present in the society. In many examinations like that of the public as well as the private companies, they get a lot of help for proper selection and thus looking for the betterment of their own company. The uses are as follows:

  • The high schools, as well as colleges, are using these aptitude tests for selecting the students in the proper course of studies like that of the science, commerce, and arts.
  • The companies whether the private or the government use this sort of examination for the selecting the best people for their company as they always want to have the best personnel for their work which will be ultimately beneficial for them.
  • Technical institutes also use this kind of examination to judge the application capability of the student for their own interest.
  • The examination reveals a lot of things like the probable success as well as the capability that are scrutinized by the companies as these will surely help these companies to benefit or profit in a better way.

Types of the question given in the aptitude test

The types of questions included in the tests are verbal ability, numeric ability, spatial ability, abstract reasoning, mechanical reasoning, faulty diagnosis, data checking and also giving a presentation. It also includes the personality test as well.

A person has to go through these all kinds of examinations just as to get through them and the sole purpose of the examination is to get the knowledge of the particular person utilized in a proper way they can be helpful for the company for which he or she is applying.

Limitations of the aptitude test

Although all the points of the aptitude test are very much useful as reports suggests that this test has given a lot good results to the companies either private or government. Still, it has a lot of other limitations as well as every other good thing. The limitations are as follows:

  • In many cases, it has been seen the that the outlook that is present in every individual is very much different from many people as well as also judging the social, physical and the emotional aspect with that of the actual environmental condition. Thus, it makes them very much un-predictive for the company in terms of selection.
  • The aptitude tests are mainly based on the basis of the probable results using the probability to evaluate. The results are not always very much practical as they differ from the natural scenario.
  • For each other company, they also have their other way of evaluation where they check the knowledge of that particular matter which is mainly required in their work rather than only the aptitude test.

Despite some flaws, aptitude tests have proved to be an asset to the company for selecting the right candidate.

A great opportunity to achieve a government job

Every year, SSC conducts various exams to find out the best human resources who will fit perfectly with the vacant posts in different government departments.  In that case, SSC released the most expected notification of CGL 2018 exam with more number of vacancies. It is essential that you begin to plan for your exam without any delay. The CGL exam is comprised of four different tier levels and it indicates the toughness of the exam. Aspirants who succeed in tier-1 will move on to further levels in the successful path of clearing the SSC CGL 2018. The list of vacancies will come under the category of Group ‘B’ and Group ‘C’ job role. Check the required educational qualification of each post and then apply for the one as per your interest.

Start preparation and boost up your knowledge

The pay scale will differ for each post and so you have to make sure about it by means of official notification. Of course getting a government job is most competitive in the recent days. Thousands of postings are filled by conducting CGL exam every year. Government is mainly focusing on to hire a desirable aspirant for the respective departments. The Staff Selection Commission offers a high range of facilities with good pay for the candidates after attaining the post. Every aspirant needs to focus on each section. Importance of general awareness section is different for SSC exam compared to other competitive exams.

Start your preparation and keep practising for SSC exams with more dedication and hard-work. It is assured that success will be the final result at the end of your journey. Changes regarding exam pattern and syllabus made by the exam board will be released on the official website for your reference. Many numbers of aspirants will apply for the SSC CGL 2018 exam as because of its immense vacancies. First, you have to go through on the previous year’s question papers so that you will get an overall idea about the exam. If you want to achieve your desired post in this exam, you have to change your way of preparation from other aspirants.

Different scoring sections of the exam

Lots of free general knowledge capsules are available in online and make use of it for enhancing your knowledge. Indian polity is one of the important parts of general awareness and so you have to focus more on it. General awareness is the right section to score more marks in less time. Aptitude and Reasoning are considered to be the time-consuming and tough part of the SSC CGL 2018 exam. But, you have enough time to improve your preparation in the right way.

Make yourself expertise in this section by using your time properly. Aspirants who are good at basic grammar and vocabulary can score more in the English language. Work on your comprehension and you will win half the battle. The descriptive test will be conducted in online to check your language proficiency and written skills. Enhance your typing speed with the use of free typing tests in online. Prepare for this SSC CGL exam smartly and you will achieve the fruit of success at last.

Be Terrific with a Powerful Working Team under You

Are you a company with a great turnover? Do you feel that it could have been possible for you because of your hard work? Well, yes, hard work is a key component in any success. But when it comes to companies and businesses; the overall staff do matter. The employees you have working for you have an impact on your outcomes. Whether the outcomes would be positive or negative; it depends solely on the skills, calibre, potential and affectivity of your employees.

Be careful about recruitment

Many companies do recruitment with full gusto and energy but end up with shallow outcomes.  It gets really troublesome when you get a staff member who is not really as per the expectations. Of course, since you have spent a great time on recruiting him or her, you hesitate to fire them right away.   Why fall into such a situation wherein your business suffers because of your stupid recruitment decision? You have to be smart and practical at the time of recruitment. It is the time to part with traditional ways of recruiting. It would be good if you recruit fresh staff with utmost care and rationalism.

Employ tests

It is helpful to employ the tests that make your recruitment procedure double productive and massively affluent. Tests like Psychometric assessment test can be absolutely game changing for your recruitment. You would have a qualitative recruitment experience that too without any extra efforts. These tests are standardised and evaluate all the candidates without any partiality.

You know in this present era, to make predictions is vital: people want to predict weather, sports outcomes, financial data, and movie businesses and so on. It only makes sense that the corporate world is following suit. To such an end, huge companies have been making use of psychometric tests for a long time now, to forecast the behaviour of an individual before hiring, promotion or even for the development of an employee.

Talking about psychometric tests, there is a wide variety of psychometric tests available. For recruiting, the commonly used tests encompass interest tests, cognitive tests personality inventories or reports by job family. These kinds of tests offer varying degrees of predictive validity. In fact, in a recruiting process, this assessment just provides additional information. But together with the overall procedure of the recruitment, including interview and resume evaluation; the entire recruitment thing gets strong and powerful. Sometimes people have really polished communication and tricky skills to dodge the recruiters. But when they get evaluated by these assessment tests, they can’t escape them. These tests squeeze out the true colours of candidates before the employer. The recruitment team gets to know where a specific candidate actually stands.

Thus, the bottom line is there are different tests that you should make a part of your recruitment procedure. You can be as terrific as you want to be once you have the right team working for you. A powerful recruitment drive would lead to a powerful working environment in the office. And you can make your recruitment procedure powerful with pre-employment assessment tests.

Know about psychometric assessment

psychometric assessment of personality

It is important for organizations of all types to hire different profile employees to fit various types of positions that are lying vacant. Without proper resource and selecting the right candidates, the organization is likely to suffer immensely from low productivity, which will only mean losses and even closure of business in the future. It is for this reason the HR managers these days tend to undertake various types of pre-employment exams on the applicants. This way, they try to ensure that only the best and most eligible and qualified candidates are selected to fill up the vacant positions.

Psychometric tests

These are of three types:

  • Ability test: Through this test, the HRs are able to measure the candidate’s ability to grasp new knowledge and skills that will be required to be undertaken in the new job. this test also allows the employers to understand the following:
    • The learning ability of the specific employee
    • Future learning capabilities

The test checks broad skills like:

psychometric assessment of personality

  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Verbal test
  • Aptitude test: This test is considered to be more job-specific. Hence, the name of such tests is quite similar to that of the job titles offered. The tests could be either specific or general in nature. For instance, the General Ability Test is regarded to be combination of 4 different tests like:
    • Verbal ability
    • Numerical ability
    • Non-verbal ability
    • Spatial ability

But these tests are generally used to identify the candidate’s general and specific abilities. If the person is applying for any job interview, then aptitude test is taken for checking the individual’s mental reasoning skills and ability.

  • Personality test: It is regarded to be another part of psychometric assessment of personality. This exam involves a questionnaire having multiple choice answers that are to be answered. The right answers are to be selected. There is no wrong or right answer. But based on the answers, the individual’s personality is judged. Emotional Intelligence is regarded to be another tool that is used to test one’s personality. It is used to identify if the individual possess excellent emotional competency. If the applicant is asked to undergo Emotional Intelligence Test, the following aspects can be known:
    • The emotions that are quite commonly present in the person and how it is being managed.
    • How can feelings be used for guiding the actions and the thought process.
    • How can the emotions be used to motivate self and others.

There are carried out different types of assessment tests by the HR managers to examine the mental preparedness of the candidate for the particular job and position applied. But all the tests based on theories are said to have different scoring system and approach.

There are readily available scores of evaluation tools in the market that can be purchased and used to make evaluations of new and existing candidates easy and effortless. This way, the organizations can hire the very best candidates who can fit the job description perfectly.