CCIE Collaboration: A general overview

CCIE Collaboration: A general overview

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A Cisco authorized training plan to develop the collaboration network enterprise is known as Cisco CCIE Collaboration. This blended training program includes live instructions, practical lab sessions, self-paced modules of training and peer interaction for voice development. Also, the program combines integrated communications and the video system experts. In general, this is a training program specifically designed for the experienced network professionals who have at least 3-5 years of job experience. The students can enhance their skills as well as can implement new skills with learning and review in a unified environment. You simply can access the training components from an online portal. This website will help you to assess results, will provide you the required feedback regarding your performance and can generate progress reports too.

CCIE collaboration program can be accessed from anywhere worldwide. If you want to opt for the maximum effective training, you should know about the entire training curriculum of Cisco expert-level system. You also can purchase the individual training components separately, if you are considering it much harder for you to access once at a time.

What are you thinking of now? How will you access the online training components and who will guide you regarding this? Well, this is not a tough job at all. There are expert advisers and mentors to guide you throughout the training session. Actually, the online portal is more like an institution where students can learn the complete program of CCIE Collaboration. The mentors help them to track the progress by reviewing their results. They can practice an effective lab session under the supervision of their mentors. Here it is possible to interact with the other CCIE collaboration candidates. This online portal suggests a progress summery during the whole training session where students can set milestones for them.

CCIE Collaboration

What are the features?

  • Suggest a complete and comprehensive view of a particular student’s progress.
  • Offers collaborative learning along with application-sharing & discussion thread.
  • Performance management is easily possible with the help of skill-gap analysis and automatic performance appraisals.
  • Bi-weekly question updates to strengthen your ground and to stay ahead. Another advantage is frequent quiz updates to upgrade your knowledge base.
  • Students can opt for different flexible online schedules to access according to their requirements.
  • You will get a completely active subscription period whenever you wish to access the website.

Choose your training unit:

From various combinations, you have to choose the perfect package depending on your capacity and training goal.

  • All in one bundle: a complete integration of study material and practice session. It includes a study material in PDF form or paperback, bi-weekly question upgrades, web-based practice exams, a complete study plan, latest video library and top training topics.
  • Practice exams: it is simply about the entire practice sessions and questions, comes with bi-weekly question upgrades and web-based practice exam sessions to test your knowledge base.
  • Study Guides: it will guide a student about the study material. This is not about upgrading your knowledge. It will just help you to study the entire program with the unified study material. You can choose the PDF form for the web version or the paperback.


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