Check out the fashion trend for Autumn 2016

Since the revolutionary era till date, women have experienced a whorl of changes in the fashion trends. It seems like they have never starved of fashion and style. In the present world scenario, with the growth of shopping mall and online shopping portals, they have been able to move away from the regional to the international fashion trends. Well it might take you some time to adopt the international style, but they give you a myriad of choice to mold your personality. Now you might say it a problem or good news, but markets offer you with various apparels belonging to the similar category. They differ from each other in terms of design, fabric and weaving pattern. To help you sport your favorite dress, Lularoe brings to you the latest fashion tips and trends for autumn 2016.

5 hit outfit inspiration

  1. Animal Prints

For the wild and a bit more liberated woman, outfits with animal prints make the best choice. You have options in the list like the appealing zebra and leopard prints. These outfits when worn reflect your confidence and sophistication. You can either put on a zebra printed jumpsuit or slip on one leopard printed coat over your dark colored polo dress. Try this out and create a stylish impression.


  1. Ruffles

Most women dislike wearing outfits involving ruffles. This is because it takes a lot of time to be worn and also seems to resemblesome dance costume. But fashion designer like Jill Stuart has not given it away. Ruffles are taken to a higher level with right structure and cut and can be used as an over-top piece. Have fun trying out this piece but make sure you get the one perfectly fitting your body structure.

  1. Mini Skirts

Till date you had a wrong notion that mini-skirts are out. Well check out LuLaRoe on Twitter for exploring the range of miniskirts offered by this outlet. These skirts gained limelight during the 90s’ when lead female movie stars were found posing in this attire. Recently, fashion designers like Bruch and Kors have launched a new line of miniskirt which they have paired with contrasting tops with hoodies.

  1. Pumpkin outfit

No dear! You don’t need to put on your Halloween dress but you must go with clothes coming in pumpkin color. Yes Orange is in fashion because it is the color of autumn. Scarves and ponchos are the most enticing orange pieces possessing the ability to boost your aura as you walk down the streets adhering to this fashion trend.

  1. Go Navy

This outfit inspiration resembles the reinvention of army camouflage trend which proved to be a hit the last season. If you belong to the group fond of trendy attires with the formal touch, then this fashion inspiration might fit your choice. Outfits in this category come in military cuts with classy navy blue tint enhancing your personality as well as making you feel comfortable.


Autumn is a season full of joy and mirth, so it is time for you to get yourself dressed comfortably and with confidence. Check out more fashion tips with LuLaRoe on Twitter to get you the best clothing meeting the prevailing trend. Happy Shopping!

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