Creating a Buzz about Your Block – How to Get Tenants In

Creating a Buzz about Your Block – How to Get Tenants In

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You may think that having built or found the perfect apartment block that the hard work is all done. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the tenants to come hammering on your door.

Unfortunately, that is not strictly true. In today’s highly competitive property market finding the perfect tenants is easier said than done. Your goal is not only to attract those tenants in the first place but to find the ones you hope will want to stay. You have to work hard in this day and age to market your apartment block; in effect to create such a buzz around it that everyone will be clamoring to secure a place in it. We’ve put together a few pointers to help you.

Make the best of your property

This may seem obvious but the most attractive properties are the ones that go to the top of everyone’s list. Use the best quality materials and fittings to make your property stand out and ensure that it is in tip top condition. Any repairs and updates should be done straight away and to the highest standard. This is where it pays to use the services of an expert Manchester block management company who know what they’re doing when it comes to maximizing and protecting your asset. They can create a safe, secure environment to ensure tenants know that if problems arise they will be sorted out expeditiously.

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Create a marketing hook

If you have a clear idea on what type of tenants you’re hoping to attract then devise a ‘hook’; emphasize the best attractions your block has to offer. That could be the location if it’s close to major transport links or in a particularly lovely area for example. Create a ‘show-home’ type apartment featuring sought-after decor styles and fitments and advertise this widely. Be sure to emphasize the fact that your apartment block is managed by one of the best management groups in the country who are responsive to the needs and requirements of the people who live there.

Many people today place financial efficiency high up in their list of requirements and that includes looking for a living space that satisfies this as well as their desire for eco-friendly systems. Ensure you place emphasis on this if your block uses the latest economically efficient heating and lighting systems.

Utilise social media

Traditional advertising still works of course, and an eye-catching banner or newspaper advert will always attract attention but savvy, modern tenants turn increasingly to social media to find what they want. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter reach millions of people and are valuable assets where you can create exciting posts extolling the best aspects of your property. Create usable video content to show prospective tenants around the property and enable them to imagine what it would be like living there. Then, having created an online presence make sure you update and reply regularly to any queries and questions.

If you follow these few simple tips you’re sure to find tenants queuing up for your property in no time.

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