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Brussels- The president of Turkey on Friday mocked Europe for not taking in any more refugees. It acted like a dose of awakening for the European Union to provide new concession and aid to Turkey for curtailing the unjustified movement of people across borders. In a summit held during the early hours on Friday, the EU leaders agreed to provide political support towards the action plan for Turkey in managing the refugee emergency in the country, by speeding up the access to Europe Visas and EU membership talks.

As according to the Diplomats, EU could provide a package of at least 3 billion Euros, the EU members have been sluggish in offering aid for the migrant crisis.  The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not just address the refugees deal, but it actually accused Europe for not being serious about Turkey’s membership. Erdogen said, “We are far ahead of most EU countries but unfortunately, they are not sincere”. She further added, “We have 2.5 million refugees, no one cares”.

Turkey could be called as the largest refugee holder in the world; there are lakhs of refugee camps build up in the country while some of them are moving to EU in search of living. Europe has seen around six hundred thousand new arrivals this year. The EU which had an upper hand as far as the refugee dealership is concerned, has now arrived to a position where it has to seek Turkey’s aid to ease the refugee crisis. The EU leaders are moreover concerned about the demanding moves of the Turkish President, towards the justice system, media and Kurdish Minority. The Turkish Presidential Government has been forcing for looser visa rules, through which it is trying to make vote-getting moves.

As according to the statement made by the French President, Francois Hollande, he “insisted that even if there is liberalization of visas with turkey, it should be on extremely specific, controlled terms”. Merkel, who will be visiting Turkey on Sunday, stated that “the plan actually means that on one side Turkey would commit with regards to handing over the refugees of its own country, and on the other side we are ready to disseminate the burden with Turkey”. She further said that, “we must make the timelines clear about what would happen when, how convincing our promises of support are, and how trustworthy are the Turkey’s promises of regulation”.

The Turkish officials have still not released their demands publically.