Efficient and Effective Ways to Ensure Generation of Quality of Leads

Efficient and Effective Ways to Ensure Generation of Quality of Leads

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If you will happen to ask Business Development (BD) executives or salespeople what is the most essential requirement for a business to grow, they all will answer in one tone – more leads.

Importance of Generating Quality Leads

This is the reason why in-house lead generation programs and outsourced lead generation companies focus more on quantity, instead of quality. Though they are able to generate more number of marketing inquiries, which are also known as lead, but not all leads can be turned into business. Only a small number of all those who enquire are really interested in making the purchase. Therefore for businesses to increase their sales number, it is imperative that they focus on quality rather than quantity of leads generated. Quality leads have more chances of being converted into business. Generating quality leads is one of the concerns of businesses. The question that they face is – how do they do they generate quality leads.

How to Generate Quality Leads?

According to industry experts and lead generation companies, the efficient and effective way to ensure the quality of generated leads is to authenticate and verify each lead.

Considering that validation and verification are the keys to generate quality leads, businesses need to implement best ways to validate and verify the accuracy and regularity of the captured data before they transfer the leads to their sales and business development department.

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Top Ways to Authenticate and Generate Quality Leads

Some of the top ways implemented by industry leaders and prominent lead generation companies to validate lead data and generate quality leads are:

Implementing a marketing funnel at entry level

The purpose of creating and implementing a marketing funnel at entry level is to direct leads at one designated spot, which generally is a database and qualify them as leads that are sales ready and those that require nurturing to become sales ready.

Qualifying leads not only include classifying generated leads as whether they sales ready or not, but also includes management of all incoming inquires.

Making Only the Required Information Accessible

When people visit a business website, they are there to gather information. They don’t want all the information and intricate details as they are not there to make purchase. While too much information can boggle them down, too less information can discourage them from spending more time on the site. Therefore, it is important that businesses provide only required information on their website. And, keep their site engaging so that the offerings can stir an interest in them and make them inquisitive. When they contact a business, from there a business can initiate conversations, create rapport, gain trust and finally generate qualified lead.

Creating a Universal Definition and Applying It Rest of the Inquiries

One thing that allows lead generation companies to perform better is they have experienced professionals who know that not all inquiries can be termed as a lead. They create a universal definition defining which sort of inquires can be termed as lead and focus on qualifying and nurturing only those inquires that falls under the definition of lead. Defining lead help these companies leverage incoming inquires and prevent them from spending their time and energy on futile inquiries.  Also, it helps them eliminate inquires that contain fake information and help them removing data duplicity.

Identifying and Segregating Leads Based on Recent Activities

Lead generation companies make use of CRM systems and latest marketing automation tools to identify and segregate inquires of businesses and customers base on their recent performance and activities. The current scenario, where global economy is going down does not necessarily means that all businesses are doomed. There are some reliable companies across different industry domains that have the potential to grow. Identifying and focusing on those inquiries that have potential and can be converted into sales is the key to quality lead generation. However, that does not mean that businesses should let go other inquiries. They should keep their databases updated and nurture all other leads till the point they become sales-ready.

These are some of the practices followed by top lead generation companies to maintain quality and quantity of the leads generated. If you too want to improve the quality of the leads generated by your in-house lead generation program, then practice these points and augment the quality of your leads.

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