Explore the Uplifting Side of Bangalore

Explore the Uplifting Side of Bangalore

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If you live in Delhi and you are feeling like having a rich experience in another city, then how about Bangalore? You can go ahead and explore the famous tourist spots of that city. It is always great to know about the places of different popular cities of your country. After all, it is about your expeditions, and you have a lot to gain from them!

Look distance is no longer a hitch these days. You can quickly check out Delhi to Bengaluru flights schedule, do the booking, and you are all set to have a memorable time in the city of Bangalore. Even if you have been to this city previously for some business work or wedding events; don’t panic. This time solely go to visit tourist spots of this land. After all, there is something you haven’t explored yet; right? After all the city is one such city that represents the extensive cultural heritage of bygone eras and is absolutely high-tech and modern.

Bannerghatta National Park

It is a biological recreational centre  that is constructed near the chaotic city of Bengaluru, Bannerghatta National Park is ideal for wildlife lovers. The purpose of this park is to promote eco-tourism and teach the youngsters about the significance of wildlife conservation. A beautiful zoo was constructed in the middle of beautiful Champakadhama hills valley within the Bannerghatta National Park. Here a gorgeous butterfly farm is also a fresh addition to look forward to. The park will give you a rich and natural experience!

LalBagh Botanical Gardens

This botanical garden is one of the most stunning botanical gardens you could find in the country. Built by Haider Ali, the park was later modified by Tipu Sultan. The Glass House in these gardens was stimulated by the London Crystal Palace. The park is scattered across an extensive 240 acres of land. Thegarden does have above 1800 species of plants, trees and herbs. The lawn clock in this splendid garden is the first of its kind in the country. The entire aura of this place is hypnotic and gives the visitors a mesmeric feel.

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is located in three hundred acres of land. The spot was constructed by Richard Sankey who was Chief Engineer of Mysore. The gigantic green parks and the sprawling lawns of this place are well maintained and they need special mention. The Park caters stunning walk way.  It is an ideal place for you to be during a visit to this city. The park deserves to be named a Paradise for the walkers.  And yes, don’t forget that statues of popular personalities are located at this place. You will be hypnotised by the appearance of Cubbon Park in the evening time when the lights are turned on. The entire place looks so amazing!

So, if you feel that Bangalore is just a hectic and crowded city with work, deadlines and burdens then you are missing an uplifting slice of this city. You need to visit its tourist spots, and you would have a balanced picture about Bangalore. The tourist spots in this city are absolutely worth visiting.

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