Flash Flood brought a Halt to Key Southern California Interstate

Flash Flood brought a Halt to Key Southern California Interstate

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Los Angeles- The Emergency Crew had to tighten their belts in the Interstate 5 North of Los Angeles to scoop out the debris caused in the area as a result of flash flood. The destruction caused the blockage of essential roadway causing destruction to the vehicles, and the people had to take exile above their cars to stay protected. The drivers had to deviatefrom the route to reach to their destination as the shovel work has been expected to continue well into Friday.

The effect of the flood was so extreme that it has exploited the cars running on road with more than 15 cars still stuck in the debris. The storm produced heavy rainfall resulting in the situation of flood on Thursday at Fort Tejon, where no deaths or injuries have been reported as such.  Another mudslide resulted in closure of the second highway as well, apart from which other secondary roads were also blocked as a result of deposition of mud and other remains of the flood.


As according to the officials, they could not really comment on when the freeway would be reopened. They however said that as compared to the northbound lanes that are covered with thicker layer of mud, the southbound lanes are expected to be opened first. Furthermore, after the debris is removed, the geologist would check the stability of the adjacent slopes before finally opening the freeway.

Launder Wonder, the Spokeswoman of California Department of Transportation said, “There could be more slides coming down on to the road” she further stated that “our engineers are always very careful, so they make sure in a flood situation, any hillside is secure. That’s always precautionary”. The pictures of the current scenario uploaded on social media sites do reflect the reality of the current situation where cars, semi-trucks etc. are found in disarray. Among the devastated areas, the worst-hit zone was the Northern Los Angeles County’s Mountainside community, Lake Hughes.

Keith Mora, Los Angeles County Fire Department Caption said, the agency rescued two dogs and four people from atop a car, and many others saved their lives by climbing on to their cars and protecting themselves from getting dragged away with the debris. In all the rescue operation proved to be helpful for 14 people and 8 animals. The fire fighters did decide to visit door to door on Friday morning to check for any tempest occupants.

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