Garage Door Lock Problems and Its Solutions

Garage Door Lock Problems and Its Solutions

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Even if you install automatic Hollington doors, you might face some issues while it is being operated. The problems might occur with the mechanism, for example, the garage door fails to lock. This issue must be looked in immediately. The locks on your door must be kept up to date otherwise, you might face a robbery in your house. Such situations are highly unsafe and dangerous. If you do not get a mechanic immediately, you could do it yourself. You must have enough knowledge to fix it temporarily.

Issues and Their Solutions

The most common problem faced is that the garage door fails to lock. In this case, you have to inspect the door and its surrounding. Make sure that there is no dust or stones which refrain from locking the door properly. You must also check the bottom seal whether it is placed rightly or not. If all these things are confirmed, and the door still does not lock correctly, you are recommended to do the following things before calling a professional. Firstly, disable the door lock by drilling a hole in the lock rod and insert a screw which will prevent the door from closing again and again. Now, you may remove the lock and get it repaired.

A further problem that you may face while using a garage door is that it may be reluctant at opening and closing. The operations will not be performed smoothly. The reason could be that your transmitter batteries may have finished. Because of this, the signals are not transmitted to open and close the garage door.

Garage Door Lock

Moreover, your photo eye may lose its alignment. The photo eye is equipped with the mechanism which detects if a person or any object is at the garage entrance. With this detection, the door automatically refrains from closing, avoiding all kinds of damages and risks. In some cases, the alignment of photo-eye may be disturbed. The misalignment can be caused due to dirt accumulated in it. Simple you have to clean all the dirt for better detection.

Sometimes, the garage door does not lock properly due to wrong settings. The limit settings are to be chosencorrectly, or else the door will go back up in a rolled position. The door cannot stay in the closed position for a long time because the limit settings are not given accurately. A clear and easy solution is to reset your limits. After this, you can give it a try and lock it perfectly.

Another issue faced can also be that the door does not open. You may hear the motor working, but it does not open. This can happen when your garage door is manually locked. Give it a check and unlock the door manually. Then you can use your remote to open the garage door.

These are minor problems that are most commonly faced by people. Instead of calling professionals, you could fix them on your own.

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