Garage Doors – A Knowhow

Garage Doors – A Knowhow

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Garage doors have undergone a lot of modifications in the past few years. The materials, mechanism and even placement of garages have changed. Garages have changed from being independent entities to being part of the house structure. Innovations have led to the creation of a plethora of special features which offers better safety and also security.

Types of doors

Based on opening mechanism: In the past, there was only one type of garage doors, that is the hinged door, which would open towards the outside. These were manually operated and required a lot of space in front of the garage. Later came the following altered and space saving doors.

  1. One piece up and over the door: These doors are a single piece and they swing upwards and rest parallel to the roof of the garage.
  2. Overhead sectional door/Upwards sliding panels: These are made of individual panels and they slide upwards and also rest on the roof the garage. They are designed with features like no-pinch of fingers. Sliding doors allow parking up to the garage door.


  1. Sideways sectional door/Sideways sliding panels: These are also made of individual panels and can be done automatic or manual. Sideways garage doors can be opened halfway or all the way as required. These open inwards parallel to the sides of the garage.
  2. Roller doors: Roller doors are the most compact and space saving type of garage doors. They open upwards and roll into the set rollers. They don’t take up space on the roof nor of the walls of the garage.
  3. Folding doors: These doors fold inwards or outwards depending on the design. These are mostly manual but can be automatized too.

A garage door repair lincoln professional is one who knows all the parts and has been in the field for a long time. An experienced handyman can complete an installation in about five to six hours. They work diligently to ensure that the end product is perfect and without complaints. Here is a knowhow about the garage door materials.

  • Steel is a very popular material used for garage doors. They are secure, durable and can be modified into different styles. The disadvantages of steel are that it is very heavy and prone to rust. The anti-rust coating can help prevent rust formation for a long time. Steel is a bad insulator, so unless the steel has reinforced insulation, you will not be protected from the cold winters.
  • Very much similar in appearance to steel, aluminum is much lighter. But this causes a disadvantage for aluminum doors, they dent easily. Nowadays manufacturers are creating sturdier versions which do not dent so easily. Aluminum doors can be painted and modified to give it any finish.
  • A rather new entry to the garage door manufacture industry, fiberglass is also easily adaptable. Due to its property of being salt water resistant, it is used in plenty of seaside homes or around the coastal areas. The disadvantage of fiberglass is that it doesn’t last long and most often does not provide adequate insulation.

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