Guide to the disc test: Check these points first!

Guide to the disc test: Check these points first!

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Disc test is important tool for any organization as it discovers the true identity of individuals. For getting a successful results, selection of correct person for correct job and place is important, a wrong selection can do lots of damage that can harm the organization or a company overall working speed. DiSC is not only for employers but for the company’s benefits too. It can be used for recruiting purpose which helps in forming correct group of people for completing task or projects. These test gives an idea about the individual’s mood that helps in deciding whether they are suitable for leadership position or not or, if they are not having leaders traits then where their role is going to fit? Analyzing characters and their potentials is the very necessary part of human resource and prioritized by the companies.

Discussing on what to choose

Disc has two kind of profile i.e. disc classic and disc profile test, both works amazing on their respective fields.  Both profiles are equally important for various purposes like sales, getting analyzed reports of workplace, leader final reports, and also for management. Also, both profiles are helpful for those who want successful results as the tests helps in getting personalized reports of individuals. So if individual or company is interested they should know about the differences and for that they can consider these given points.

Who is best for what?

Disc profile is best when your training goals are specific especially related to sales, leadership or management section. Also, it works better when your group contains few individuals only. Disc assessment works as tool for follow ups and getting reports. It is more customized and easy and especially recommended for new users.

dig test

Well, classic profile is for getting test of people without involving the computer. It covers more individuals than disc profile. You can take both test online, however classic profile also includes test on paper. Disc classic helps organization to get basic information about the team and their leaders. Disc classic is highly recommended for those who want to understand disc system deeply and better. There are various individual agencies who conduct both exams and for that you must look for disc assessment in Canada like cities.

What is format of both?

Disc profile test contains approx 80 questionnaires, in which there are 8 scales of scoring. But in classic, you will have to answer 28 questionnaires, and the scoring scale is 4. However, chances of better accuracy are 32% in disc profile as compare to classic.

You will get same duration of time for completing both online exam i.e. 15 and 20 minutes approx. however, classic profile also contain on paper exam and for that you will given same duration of time for completing. While giving online test it’s important to focus on questions style, however the questions are easy to answer and depends on the individual’s past working experience and behavior toward their work or workplace.

What is scoring and reporting style?

Disc profile is a part of disc assessment where you will get your result automatically after completing your test. Every related report like team view report or comparison related results are only for online. The results are available in PDF format only that you will get after a complete analyzing your answers.

In classic, it use traditional way i.e. graph representation. However, online results are available too but it’s limited for now some particular versions only. The reporting is available on paper as well as online in PDF format. Individuals have choice to choose which format they want. However, team view and comparison related reporting style is same as disc profile.


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