Have a visit to the Audiologist

Have a visit to the Audiologist

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An audiologist is a professional who has received education as well as training in the science of hearing. They can diagnose and monitor any problems related to hearing and suggest the best treatment available. They are Audiology Island professionals are trained experts in the fields of physiology and anatomy to cochlear implants and other equipment to auditory rehabilitation.

Why and when should you visit an audiologist?

If you see any signs of hearing problems, meet the doctor at the earliest so that he can suggest remedial measures.

Also, if there is a more advanced aid available and if you want more features, you can go in for the new model. If you have made new life changes or have incorporated new activities in your schedule, then you may want to have an aid that is best for these activities, be it any outdoor activity or a new job. At all times, seek the advice of your doctor of audiology.

There was a time hearing aids were large and consisted of many wires which was not only inconvenient and was a cause of embarrassment to the user. But with the hearing aids available today that are discreet and technologically advanced, it is possible for users to lead a confident life and also take part in daily activities easily and thus leading an independent life. In the digital hearing aids, you can even get a warning about low battery so that you know when it needs to be changed. If battery changing sounds cumbersome to you, you can opt for devices with rechargeable batteries. The more the technology, the smaller the devices and hence you can even opt for discreet devices that work better while being invisible.

Close up of older person's hearing aid

In the ear hearing aids are available in two styles and sizes. One is called full shell which can fill most of the ear outside. Other is half shell which fills outer ear’s lower portion. This comes with controls which are not given for small hearing aids. This style is easy to handle and manipulate. This comes with longer battery life because of the larger batteries. But compared to small hearing aids these may pick more noise. These are more visible compared to small size hearing aids.

In the canal hearing aids compared to larger custom styles are less visible in the ear. Good thing is these can come with controls for memory and volume which is not provided for smaller hearing aids. But patients having dexterity issues may face problem with using the controls provided in this. These hearings aids will be partially visible when wearing.

Things to consider when buying hearing aids:

  • One must think about medical and anatomical considerations
  • Skin sensitivities are the next important thing to be considered
  • The audiologist and the patient should consider cosmetics as well
  • Next thing is the patient’s budget
  • Visual abilities and manual dexterity must also be considered
  • Power requirements which are decided based on the degree of hearing loss


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