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When you are looking for ways to improve your lifestyle, the first things you want to do is to start a nutritional diet and include that diet with some form of daily exercise to burn any unused calories.

How do you know if you are at a healthy weight for your body size?  By measuring your BMI (body mass index) which is a measurement of one’s body fat based on the body’s height and current weight.  This measurement of BMI is for adults 18 years of old and older.

Knowing your BMI is a very important factor to know when planning your daily or weekly meals; and Healthee Kitchen insures to take this into consideration when aiding an individual’s food choices.  For instance, Healthee Kitchen has different weight loss plans for different caloric intakes.  The first weight loss menu plan is the 1200-1400 calorie menu plan for effective weight loss.  This is for one day/ three meals and two snacks at the cost effective price of $35.  (One could not even find a decent dinner for this price, and you are getting a full day worth of healthy meals!)

An example menu plan for the Healthee Kitchen’s “Healthy Weight Loss plan” which is between 1200 and 1400 calories a day is as follows:

Healthee Kitchen


Breakfast Menu:

 A Greek style omelet and whole-grain toast;

** 2-egg omelet with green onion, tomato, black olives, Feta-cheese 15 g 1 whole grain toast.

The total caloric intake of this is 293

1st snack—Walnuts (25g)

Total calories:  175

Lunch Menu:

Chicken breast with whole grain couscous and a green salad

150 g chicken breast; Lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, onion, Clementine, homemade dressing with Olive Oil, mustard, lemon juice, couscous 75g cooked; 364 total calories.

2nd snack

Cabbage pie

Dinner Menu:

Salmon baked in the oven along with a variety of vegetables; 100 g baked salmon, 1 cup broccoli, ½ cup yellow peppers, green beans, oil and lemon.

268 total calories

The total daily caloric intake for this day’s menu is 1257.

Tuesday’s menu

Breakfast menu:

Mushroom and cheese whole wheat, homemade crepes

Crepe mushrooms, onion, olive oil, cheddar cheese (1 slice)

Total Caloric intake for this breakfast is 285

1st snack:

Plain Yogurt with fruits; Plain yogurt with 175g with fresh peach slices;

Total calories for this snack is: 118 kcal


Whole wheat pasta with sea food; Sea food mix 150g; 100g cooked whole wheat pasta, basil, oil, tomato, and onion= total calories is 319

2nd Snack:

Feta cheese with crackers; 30g Feta cheese with 3 whole grain President’s Choice crackers= total calories is 160.


Beef stew with lots of cooked vegetables in it; 90g beef, assorted vegetables (carrots, stewed tomatoes, and onions) and oil.   Total calories for dinner is= 383.

Tuesday’s total daily caloric intake is 1265.

As you can tell by just the first two daily menu plans on this low-caloric healthy weight loss diet menu, one would be at a healthy BMI and body weight in no time at all and it wouldn’t even feel as though you were being deprived of good food.  At only $35 a day, it makes much more sense to order these menus from Healthee Kitchen than to try and figure out the correct dietary measurements, cook the food and purchase everything needed.  The professional’s at Healthee Kitchen will do it all for you and before you realize it, you will be at a healthy body weight and your BMI will be where your doctor wants it to be to insure your body is healthy.

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