How ASDA Captured UK Hypermarket Retail Stores

How ASDA Captured UK Hypermarket Retail Stores

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Asda ( is one of the leading and well-known eCommerce and grocery retailer in United Kingdom. This company mainly deals in grocery retail business along with clothes and home décor. Asquith family founded this business in 1965 after merging with Associated Dairies at West Yorkshire, England. Now it is the third largest supermarket company after Tesco and Sainsbury.

Journey of ASDA

In July 1999, Asda becomes the subsidiary of the world’s largest supermarket chain Walmart after a big take of over Billion 6.7 Euros. Initially, W.R. Asquith family took first step in this business. Actually, W.R. Asquith ran a shop of butchers and then the sons of W.R. expand it to 7 shops. Peter and Fred are the co-owners of Asda. Later on, Peter and Fred sold their first store in 1958 and travelled to USA to deal with Piggly Wiggly, the first ever supermarket. Besides this business, owners spend for the finance and mobile phone business. Also, they settled up EE mobile network in England, which is currently the leading mobile network in the United Kingdom. Net worth and profits of Asda are not calculated as it is completely owned and managed by Walmart now. More than 30,000 products are available in Asda’s supermarkets, supercenters and on their official online portal. If anyone wants to contact the Stores of Asda then they can contact at the Asda head office email address. Stores of Asda are divided into different formats such as Asda superstores, Asda supermarkets, George stores, Asda petrol, Asda living and Asda essentials. Here are some of the interesting facts about the world’s third largest supermarkets company Asda.


  • There is a store of Asda in Merthyr Tydfil in United Kingdom, which settled up a record of selling a pair of white socks in every 6 minutes. Only this store sells the highest number of white socks pair within United Kingdom.
  • Most of us know about “The Full Monty” a drama movie, most of the scenes of this movie are filmed in Asda’s store situated in Sheffield.
  • Judith Smith, an employee of Asda and working in Castelford store of Asda establishes a record of 1000 Euros as a checkout operator in 1966.
  • David Beckham former captain of Manchester United once had his card declined in a petrol station in Manchester. Later, this news got viral in the local newspapers.
  • For a BBC Documentary Series, the former MP Michael Portillo worked in George lingerie.
  • Recently, mother of three reported that glass patio table from one of the store of Asda explodes in the sunshine and she bought this for Euro 199 from B&M Ipswich store.
  • There is a big mistake did by the workers of Asda filling station in Anglesey, North Wales. As the workers filled reservoir of petrol with diesel.
  • In 1990s, Asda launched its first ever clothing brand. As the business expands, products under this category increases and are now available in all the supermarkets and online stores of Asda. Contact the customer support department at Asda customer support email address for any type of further queries.
  • CEO of Asda Archie Norman becomes the youngest CEO after joining Asda in 1991.

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