How better performance reviews in call centres make a difference

How better performance reviews in call centres make a difference

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Every individual working in a professional setup has experienced their fair share of goosebumps when their organisation begins to review their yearly performance. That time of the year might not be too pleasant for the managers, whereas for the employees, they often enter into a confused phase. Everything is monitored from attendance, log-in and log-out time to knowledge and skill set improvement. It is after completely monitoring all the aspects does a manager come to a conclusion about the percentage of hike to they should give on their employee’s present salary.

According to recent study, a large number of employees have started to ‘work from home’ as much as it makes up for two days every month. The percentage of telecommuting workforce has surged dramatically in the last decade or so. Many business conglomerates have started outsourcing a large chunk of their customer service vertical to professional call centres services companies. These call centres have a pre-defined mechanism to evaluate the performance of their employees.

The focus of evaluation has now shifted from life-in-work to work-in-life. The interactions between the managers and their people have also witnessed visible change. Employees are no longer afraid to ask questions and often prefer immediate feedback. In the BPO industry, executives no longer like sticking to the pre-defined rules when they take up new assignments, rather they try to work towards the overall improvement of the processes but remaining well within the confines of their oragnisation’s objectives.

Many employees prefer to have a candid conversation with their managers about both the work-related matters and non-work related matters. Such employees are more oriented towards growth and not as motivated by the monetary rewards. It is because of this drastic change in an employee’s psyche that performance review mechanism need to be fixed accordingly.

Let us now examine some of the rectifications that need to be made in the current performance review systems to make our workplace a better place.

Alignment of organisational objectives with employee expectations

In the bygone era, professionals used to expect offices with good infrastructure, easy accessibility and half-yearly and yearly bonus; but with the change in times, employees seek for work-life balance, reasonable number of leaves and flexibility in terms of location transfer. The requirements of executives working with reliable call centres services has also taken a similar route. The mangers in call centres are expected to touch upon their teams as well as their employee’s overarching goals.

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Managers need to set goals based on individual abilities, have a scorecard for measuring their employee’s performance, prescribe a set of rules to follow and keep those goals in front of their employees. It might not be easy in a call centre environment to set up daily assignments and strategies to complete those assignments. A proper mechanism that determines the productivity levels of all the employees need to be setup to achieve better results. Such a practice will play a pivotal role in expanding the horizons of our workforce.

Assessment on the basis of core values of the management

Every seasoned professional is well aware of the fact that the relationship between them and the management is just like any other relationship with its fair share of ups and downs and is based purely on give and takes. An organisation adept in delivering expert call centres services works on the basic fundamental that if none of the involved parties feel valued, the relationship won’t last long. In a call centre environment, if employees are not aware or don’t care to learn about the expected business ethics and how to work in a specific direction to achieve team goals, managers might think on lines of hiring someone else who can do a better job.

The ignorance towards core values in a team might not be a conducive work environment. Such an environment will not deliver the desired results for any organisation looking to expand their operations. This is what makes evaluation of employees on the basis of core management values all the more important.

Frequency in feedback

It is very important practice to adopt as employees will feel motivated to know that their work is getting monitored. This would help in improving upon their overall personality and will certainly broaden their outlook towards their work. Such a practice is highly recommended in a BPO serving its clients with expert call centres services as this would lead the executives towards a desired direction. A candid feedback from the manager as well as from an employee’s side will certainly lead to an improved process and a positive work culture with a vision towards a better future.

This would definitely help in addressing the issues that have started to come up within the team and would also pave way for a more potent and cohesive workforce.

Having discussed the required fixes in the performance review mechanism, it can be safely established that this practice should be focused towards the organisational objectives and with a much broader outlook towards an employee’s personal goals


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