How Much Do Brampton Criminal Lawyers Cost?

There is no doubt that hiring a criminal attorney will cost you high, but it will help you out of many sticky situations easily and comfortably. On the other hand, if you are cautious and do your homework beforehand, you might find Brampton criminal lawyers within an affordable range as well. Learning what a typical criminal lawyer could cost will help you decide better. If you have never hired a criminal lawyer you would not have any idea how much they charge.

It is important to know about the billing of criminal lawyers because it is different from other attorneys. So, if you are facing criminal charges, Mitch Engel Criminal Lawyer will help you know what to expect.

  1. Unlike lawyers for personal injury lawsuits, criminal lawyers do not work on contingency fees. They have either hourly fee or a flat rate. The charges are self-explanatory.
  1. Secondly, no matter what type of charges you choose, you may have to pay additional expenses other than the legal fees to the Brampton criminal lawyers. Some of the expenses are:
  • Charge of any expert witness
  • Charge of a paralegal’s time
  • Charges of investigator
  • Travel expenses
  • Photo copying
  • In addition to the above charges you might have to pay some court fees especially if you are found guilty.


The total legal bill depends on various factors, but the billing method will play a big role in determining your total cost. A flat fee remains the same no matter how long the case continues, but when you agree for the hourly rate of one of the Brampton criminal lawyers, it goes on adding up if your case goes to the trial or you decide to appeal. Even if you are found not guilty you will have to pay your attorney for the expungement to erase the charges and arrest details in the legal records.

Rates of Brampton criminal defense lawyers are fairly competitive, but if your circumstances do not permit you, you might not have the time to research or shop around. So, try to negotiate with your lawyer before you hire him because you cannot change the billing method or fee once you hire him. Here are some points which affect the hourly rate of Brampton criminal lawyers. Keeping these in mind will help you negotiate well.

  • The experience of the lawyer
  • The complexity of the charges against you
  • The current rate of criminal lawyers in your locale
  • The reputation of the firm or the lawyer you are trying to hire
  • The overhead charges on the firm or on the lawyer to run his office

If you hire a lawyer on hourly rate you might have to give some amount in advance. Most lawyers agree to get paid monthly. Make sure you calculate well before the lawyer determines minute increment sessions for the hourly rate fixed. Just keep in mind the smaller the increment is, smaller would be the charge. If you hire a lawyer on flat fee, make sure you know what are the charges included in it.

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