How to Better Align B2B Content Marketing with SEO in 2017

How to Better Align B2B Content Marketing with SEO in 2017

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Even a novice search engine marketing professional knows the fact that content is very important in driving SEO efforts. Whether you want to drive conversions, increase traffic ti the site, or get quality links, what you need in common is the quality content. You can call content and SEO to be similar to the relations between jelly and peanut butter. This means each of them complement each other. Once the SEO strategy of a search engine optimization company in India perfectly gets aligned with the content strategy, ranking of the targeted key-phrases will increase by leaps and bounds. So, besides doing the smart SEO works we have been doing recently, it has become essential to chalk out strategy for creating smart content, coupled with targeted marketing. This is what the essence of smarted content is in the coming year – 2017.Here are the different ways to follow for better SEO-Content marketing strategy in 2017 –

#1 Semantic Search

Semantic search is the way of searching a query not only to find certain keywords but also determine the contextual meaning as well as intent of the words typed by a person in the query field of a search engine. In 2017, semantic search is going to be very important, especially in the context of content creation. While creating content a writer has to keep information in such a manner that becomes easier for searchers in finding what they are searching. In fact, the search engine optimization company in India should also be able to find the intended information easily.

What’s the way?


One of the easiest ways of providing information in the most contextual manner in addition to the keywords is the inclusion of semantically keywords in the content. These semantically connected keywords can be found at the bottom of search engine. Use these keywords or phrases in the content in addition to the main keywords targeted. This will lead to easy and contextual discovery by the users as well as search engines.

#2 Use of Natural Language

It has been found out by Gartner research that one third of the web browsing sessions will take place in the coming 4 years without any kind of screen. If this is the near future scenario then it must be said that the time has come for the content marketers to fast adapt to the natural language.

What’s the way?

  • Some of the aspects that can be followed for making the content ready are given below –
  • The sentence structure followed must be very deliberate. While writing, writers must always include complete questions.
  • In the articles, always try using full sentence. Complete sentences make proper sense.
  • When it comes to headers and titles always use specific and long phrases.

Use of these ingredients will help content discovery by users easy. By following such patterns, what’s essentially important is the need to put question-and-answer-based material in front of the target audience, in the very same manner in which they are searching on something.

Your work as a writer, especially from now or in 2017, will be to provide answers to queries asked by your target audience in a fast and contextual manner. If you write content in this format, the probability of being discovered in the Knowledge Graph becomes extremely high. In fact, following these aspects can also increase the chances of a page to getting into the Google Answer Box, which will again tilts the odds in your favour.

Also keep up with the trends so that your content always remains relevant and contextual.


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