How to Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer?

According to divorce lawyers, January has officially been dubbed “divorce month”.  It has been reported that more divorces are filed in the month of January than any other month of the year.  Perhaps it is the stress of the holiday season that magnifies any small disagreements and makes them appear larger.  Frustrated, these couples now are wanting to call it quits as the calendar flips the page to the New Year.

The lawyers and judges pretty much remain the same in this game of litigation. However, it is the litigant’s that change quite frequently.  Therefore, it is important that you pay attention whenever someone is giving you clues as to who is a good lawyer and who is not worth the phone call to check them out.

There is a “Super Lawyers” website which places the lawyers in order according to their merit and the superiority of the work they have performed in the past.  You can also look up a lawyer’s background according to contact and location information, education as well as any information within the lawyer’s personal biography which may be helpful in choosing a complimentary divorce lawyer.

The “Super Lawyer” site is constantly being updated according to how a lawyer’s peers, clients, and superiors have rated them.  Lawyer’s whom have been recognized for showing exceptional and ethical behavior and for achieving professional acknowledgments as well as outstanding recommendations are all rated accordingly in this web site.

Once you find the divorce lawyer you plan to have represent you in your dissolution of marriage case, there are certain phases and rules that must be followed in order to get the desired results.  The number one rule is to be as OPEN and HONEST with your divorce lawyer.  If you are not going to be honest and disclose all the good, bad, and ugliness of your marriage, then there is no point in going for the first consult.  Your divorce lawyer is sworn by the client/lawyer rule of confidentiality.   Therefore, anything you tell him or her he is obligated to keep it between the two of you.  Also, avoid any conversation with the opposition, unless they are also represented by your lawyer.   Make sure your prepared when meeting with your divorce lawyer with any tax, or other mutual assets acquired during the marriage.

As a final note, if there is anything that might pose a conflict of interest, make sure you make your divorce lawyer aware of this.

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