How to Choose the Right Mannequin?

How to Choose the Right Mannequin?

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When you enter a retail store, what do you see first? It’s the mannequin that you see first. When a retail store has a new product with a new design, they show it to their customers by dressing a mannequin. Mannequins are very important to a retail store especially if their products are dresses or any type of clothing. If a customer won’t be able to fit a piece of clothing, seeing a mannequin wears it will give the customer an idea of how that clothes will look on her or him.

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Having a mannequin in a retail store is not only as easy as picking up a mannequin and dress it. it should also follow the requirements of the store before purchasing a mannequin for sale. There are factors the store manager or owner must consider first before acquiring a mannequin.

If you are a store owner or manager, this will help you to choose the right mannequin for your store.

1.Identify Your Demographic

If you are a store owner, you should be able to identify the type of people who buy from your store. If you have this information, you can make a better decision on what kind of mannequin for sale you have to purchase. If your retail store is intended for women, you are most likely to purchase a female mannequin. If you sell for both men and women and kids, you might need to have three kinds of a mannequin in your store. Having mannequins that fit your target demographic will help to show the effectiveness of your visual effort.

2.Full-Body or Torso Only Mannequin

Dependent on what kind of clothing you are selling, purchasing either a full-body or a torso only mannequin is important. If you are selling the tops only, there is no reason to have a full-body mannequin. But if the retail store sells tops and bottoms, a full body torso might be needed. But it should not be full body, all of the mannequins. A store can decide to have a top only mannequin or a bottom only mannequin depending on what product they want to emphasize and show the customers.

3.Choose the Right Material

The mannequins are not only used in retail stores, but they can also be used in the tailor’s shop. Tailors prefer the wooden mannequins as they are sturdy and heavy. It helps them to settle the clothes they are trying to saw. In a retail store, you will often find either plastic or fiberglass. Plastics and fiberglass are the most popular materials used in retail stores. They are lightweight, can resist rust and are very durable. There is also another material such as resin, metal, and wood usually used by tailors.


A good rule of thumb that a store owner or manager must follow when purchasing a mannequin is choosing the right appearance of the mannequin. The mannequin can come in different sizes, colors and can be either male or female. Mannequins are available for kids, teens, and adults. To make a store more appealing, having mannequins of the same appearance will make it look better. While having different color or theme will make the store look messy and unappealing.

Mannequins are a must-have for a retail store. Their presence helps customers decide on whether to buy from the store or not.

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