How to deal with your home being broken into

How to deal with your home being broken into

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Once you own or rent your own home, it can be a sense of pride that you have never felt before. This is a place to create memories and store all of your belongings. However, it is true that home invasions are more common than they were in the past. Even with the best home theft prevention, there are still thieves who will find a way to break into your home. Here are a few ways that you can deal with your home being broken into.

Contact the police immediately

Whether you are in your home while the burglars are present or you come home to a ransacked living area, it is important to call the police immediately. The faster they are at responding to your emergency, the more likely they will be to catch the thieves. While your safety is the most important part of the equation when you are present during a break-in, try to call the police quietly so that they can arrive before the burglars leave your home.

See if your homeowners or renters insurance will replace any of your items

While there are sentimental items that will never be able to be replaced, expensive items like cameras, computers, and smartphones are usually covered by homeowners or renters insurance. Give your insurance provider a call at your earliest convenience to see if you are eligible for any replacements. In most cases, you will be able to get compensation for all of your stolen items.

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Replace or repair the locks

Depending on how the burglar occurred you may be well advised to change your locks. If they have broken through the lock it will need repairing, whereas if they have entered your property they could have stolen keys and be planning a return visit. Ensure you hire a local locksmith in your area, All Masons Locksmiths in Kettering offer a very fast response, lookup your local locksmith and have their number to hand in advance in-case of an emergency.

Windows may also need to be looked at, UPVC window repairs are commonly carried out after a break-in, usually locksmiths will offer this service as it comes with the type of work they do. This is a great opportunity to opt for more secure windows so that you can be better protected from theft in future.

If you are in the home while the break-in happens, don’t confront the burglar

The best thing to do when you are in your home while the break-in happens is to hide or try to escape your home. The last thing you want to do is confront the burglars. They may have deadly weapons that they will have no hesitation using on you. If you cannot find a way to escape your home, call the police immediately. Then, find a hiding spot that will keep you secure until the police arrive at your home.

These are just a few of the many tips that can help you recover after your home has been broken into. While this is a traumatic experience, it is better to move on and protect your home from future break=ins. If you live in a very vulnerable neighborhood, it may be time to think about moving to a safer location.

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