How to get the best extended warranty for your new Porsche

How to get the best extended warranty for your new Porsche

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I think it is safe to say that if you are going to buy a Porsche you are going to want the best possible warranty you can get to make sure that the parts are all covered. In this article I am going to talk about how you can get the optimal car warranty for your brand new Porsche.

Now, it needs to be noted that Porsche will want you to keep all of your warranties with them as much as it is possible and will try to make you think that this is the best option. However, once reading the fine print you will realize that if you have a Porsche warranty it is very likely that a lot of the issue you may encounter including normal wear and tear on the areas of the car that most need it is not actually covered.

The problem is Porsche’s have specialist parts specific to the brand, so you need to take into consideration if you get a warranty with a company that is not Porsche you may not be able to take the car to a Porsche certified mechanic. This can leave you in a bit of a mix as to whether to get a Porsche warranty or third party warranty.


The Pros and Cons of having a Porsche warranty:


  • You will have access to Porsche trained in shop mechanics that are certified to make repairs on the vehicle
  • You will have access to Porsche trained roadside mechanics that are able to make the necessary repairs to the battery and other parts to facilitate roadside repairs
  • Courtesy car provided by Porsche for up to four days in the UK while your car is being repaired
  • Porsche provide accommodation and travel if car owner is stranded in a European country
  • Company provides a replacement driver if the owner of the car has taken ill and is too unwell to drive


  • Although the cover assists you many ways that result in overall comfort and convenience for the owner it may not cover you for the parts that may go wrong

So the best way to get a good car warranty quote for your new Porsche based on the pro’s and con’s of the Porsche service itself is to get a warranty with Porsche. Although other companies can provide you with a policy that covers all car parts, it is also possible to customize your Porsche policy to do the same and this way if anything does go wrong you can use the certified mechanics to fix your car.

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