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The quest to get your homepage figure high on search engine listings has become the Holy Grail for companies, entities or SEO agencies to pursue. The reason being – the higher your website’s URL figures on search engine listing for particular keywords, greater are its chances of attracting user traffic. And an increase in the quantum of user traffic would mean greater likelihood of them converting the visit into purchases. In the competitive world of online business faring high on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) means greater ROI and brand value for your company.

Everything seems so simple to understand but how to go about making your website or specifically, the homepage SEO compliant is the moot point. It has been found that many online companies have their brand names listed as keywords. The underlying idea behind putting such names is to attract more traffic. However, instead of hitting the high mark on SERPs these websites often end up missing the traffic altogether. The reason is simple – if your company’s brand name is a keyword in itself such as Birthday Gifts or Bouquet store types, there is likelihood that more number of websites related to the product or theme would feature that in their keyword bouquet.

Consequently, more number of websites would compete with your site to feature high on SERPs. It might happen that in the race to be at the top of the SERP pie your brand name might end up at the bottom or face irrelevance, which unfortunately even the best SEO agency would not be able to prevent from happening.


What is the way out?

The solution lies in optimizing your homepage by using SEO techniques – either doing it in house or by engaging the best SEO agency in town. Therefore, instead of focusing on just one keyword (your brand name,) it is better to create a number of keywords that conveys the theme or product range of your website. A greater number of keywords (keyword subset) would mean more chances of customers landing on your homepage. The other ways to optimize your homepage are as follows:

  •         Provide a rich content that gives information about your website and the product range it displays
  •         Ensure the navigation is intuitive, in other words, visitors need not struggle to find a specific piece of information but are able to scroll and move around the website through prominently displayed cue buttons. Besides, the content should be organized in a structured way for effective navigation
  •         Key queries should be answered in the homepage itself so that visitors enjoy a rich user experience
  •         Place the logo and search buttons prominently on the homepage and subsequent pages. The logo would reinforce the brand identity of your company and the search buttons would facilitate navigation in a big way
  •         The theme and product range offered by the website or company should be apparent to the visitors as well as search engines
  •         The content should be divided into sections that are prominently marked by headers or sub headers. These ensure the content is easily identifiable
  •         As we get better swayed by visuals than just text, the homepage should have visual images interspersed with text for easy interpretation
  •         Videos can work best to attract eyeballs provided the opening visual resonates with the query that visitors are looking for. However, on the flip side, videos can often take time to play thus frustrating the visitors
  •         Provide customer feedback, be it from clients or individuals on the website. This can work as a social proof and a big image booster for your website

Optimized homepage loaded with rich and relevant content would attract traffic.

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