How To Have Painless And Hassle-Free Hair Removal Down There?

Most of us would agree that the hair ‘down there’ is more of a hassle than they are in other areas of the body. This is because hair removal from these intimate areas is a tough task. Waxing is perhaps the most commonly followed means of epilation. While it is very common for men and women to have their other parts of the body waxed, many of them feel awkward when getting waxed in intimate body areas. This awkwardness can be due to cultural aspects, where openly talking about or displaying private parts is not considered okay.

Another factor that tends to push people away from the idea of intimate waxing is the pain associated with it. Let’s face it- waxing is painful. The perception of pain in intimate body parts is much higher than other areas of the body. Since different people have the different threshold for pain, waxing of private parts may not be the preferred epilation strategy for many. Let us look at some other ways by which hair removal can be done in intimate areas of the body.

Using a razor

Using a razor, or shaving is a very popular means of getting rid of pubic hair. It has the advantage of being totally painless unless you cut yourself with the razor. Also, it is the most inexpensive of epilation methods. You can do it yourself, within the privacy of your home. The downside of this method is that you need to do it frequently. Also, there is always the risk of injuring yourself.  Many people also complain about ingrown hair after shaving.

Hair removal creams

Depilatory creams are another preferred means of hair removal from private parts for people who don’t want to experience the pain associated with intimate waxing. These creams can be used on any part of the body, and have the advantage of being fast and fairly easy. However, you should choose the cream after due consideration. If it is too mild, then it will not remove unwanted hair completely. On the other hand, if it is too strong, it might cause superficial burns and rashes. Yet another point to remember is that these creams can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals and should always be patch tested on the arm before using on private parts.

Laser hair removal

This technique works by destroying hair follicles by means of a laser. Though it can be done on any part of the body, it is most used for intimate areas, where epilation is more problematic. It is important to choose only a certified expert for this procedure. It takes multiple sittings for the area to become completely devoid of hair, and hair texture becomes finer and lighter after each sitting. Since the intimate areas are more sensitive, there might be slight tingling or pain during this procedure. Also, there are high costs associated with this service.

Hair removal from private parts has aesthetic and hygienic relevance. People who want to know about alternatives to intimate waxing may use one of the hair removal methods described above.

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