How to make tea tree oil? Read below to know the entire process

How to make tea tree oil? Read below to know the entire process

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Everyone must know of tea tree oil and its diversified uses.  All over the world people have accepted this particular oil as the best remedy material for many diseases. One can find several articles related to tea tree oil and are uses or effects but here we will be dealing with something different and interesting.

Here, we will be talking about how to make tea tree oil for different purposes. This will be something very interesting for the readers. The process of making tea tree oil has got certain crucial steps. Let’s concentrate on those.  The YouTube tea tree oil working process is already uploaded in the online platform.

  • At first one need to obtain tea tree leaves- This particular leave is not available at every place. So sometimes it is difficult to obtain tea tree leaves. These leaves are mostly found in the tropical areas and people are liable to purchase it. In cooler climates it becomes much harder to track down the raw materials needed to make the oil. In such situation people buy readymade bottle from the shop. On the contrary, the first step to make tea tree oil is to dry the leaves, so that the oil which is the main element remains inside.
  • Buy a small distillation set- One can buy a small distillation set in this purpose. This will help you to distill the product. One can buy it from various online sites and even can take it from the chemical labs.
  • Time to set up a still at home- One need to make sure that there is a flat surface near the outlet where children cannot reach.


  • Proper protection is needed- While making the oil, proper protection is a must. The concentration of the ingredients makes it more potent.
  • Water must be added- One needs to add boiling water into a container. Hot water is the real necessity for the purpose of distillation.
  • Boiling chips and small stones should be added- This things needs to be added so that it can keep the water from bursting through the distillation set and running the process when it is boiling.
  • Place a few leaves on the upper part of the container for distillation- It is better not to cut the leaves because it will initiate a loss of oil. The leaves should be packed tightly with room for stem to pass out. This is needed during the distillation process. A certain amount of air should move out from the distillation set.
  • A low water flow is needed into the condenser- This process helps the tea tree oil to flow into the tube after it becomes dry.
  • After this one may turn on the plate to start the steam distillation process.
  • One should allow the plate to heat and flow the water through the leaves- The leaves will automatically starts shrinking in the container.
  • The heat should be on for 30 minutes to three hours- A large chunck of the oil should be removed and distributed to the container for 30 minutes. One needs to run the hot plate off after the distillation process.

The YouTube tea tree oil making process is there online and every step has been clearly shown.

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