How to stop your dog from barking?

A pet owner must know the signs and indications made by the pet as it can express its feelings only by such indications only. For a pet dog, barking and movement of tail only make it convey its message to the master. Hence for a master or a dog owner, it is necessary to understand what it wants to say or if there is any risk to its life it is viewing. There can be many reasons forbarking, and for every reason, the dog has a different tone of barking as well which must be understood by the owner. Barking can be a sign for a number of expressions or feelings that your dog is trying to convey. First, you must understand why is your dog is barking. But there are times when you fail to comprehend the reason and perhaps your dog is barking more than usual. The reasons for your pet barking can be:

  • Your dog is trying to draw your attention to something or someone.
  • He is barking because you are not paying attention to him or refraining from giving him something that he wants.
  • He is aggressive and barking to scare away the presence around him.
  • Your dog is hungry, or it is time for you to give his meal.
  • He is experiencing any kind of threat from someone.
  • He is mentally unstable or sad about anything.

Now, some of these reasons are logical, and since the only mode of communication for your pet is barking, he is trying to build a line of communication. But here are some ways how you can stop your dog from incessant barking:

Keep him tired and occupied: You can indulge your pet into something which will need his concentration. For example a puzzle, a ball or anything that he can play with. Another way is to keep him tired by playing with him or by taking him out for jogging. This will make sure that the dog does not have enough energy to bark and by the time he is home, he is resting.

Do not give your pet, extra attention: Just like a human child, your pet will need attention all the time or rather most of the time. If he is barking as a way to draw your attention then try to ignore or pat him and indulge yourself in your own work. Also sometimes, dogs bark because that is a sign of him wanting something. Remove any kind of motivation that gives him the idea that if he barks, he will get what he wants. To make prior appointment for dog training services visit alpha and omega dog training service in Cleveland florida at and book your appointment.

Train your dog: A primary training is important for any pet. The first and the most important one is, to teach him to be disciplined and obedient. Teach your dog the “quiet” command. This, of course, cannot be done overnight, and it needs a regular kind of training. Also, training keeps your dog physically and mentally fit thus making him playful and jolly. You must be sure that you don’t miss that.

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