How to Use Anti – Slip Products for Floors

How to Use Anti – Slip Products for Floors

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Just imagine yourself. All dressed up, hurrying up towards the obligations that are waiting to be completed. You leave the baby in the kindergarten and rush to the car. However, at half the stairs you fall down, in front of everyone. Shame is the less important factor, really neglected when you consider that you could be seriously injured. Well, the institution would assume the responsibility under the law and pay you for the damage that has been done, but fractures are not something that can be neglected. You would have them for years, when you least hope, they can spoil your vacation plans and disrupt life for at least a month. Luckily there are anti – slip products which are a great solution, both for institutions with a large circulation of people on a daily basis, as well as for your home or apartment. Make sure you get in touch with us if you want to learn more about these anti – slip products that can be used anywhere.

There are two bottles in the home set. One is used to prepare floor coverings while the other is to prevent slipping and the consequences it can cause. And you do not have to think about what floor cover is in your living space because these products fit any solid surface. You no longer have to worry if you will be swiping.

The chemical protection on wet surfaces was started in the US 60 years ago by BOEING, which was working on the protection of off-the-shelf trails. Thanks to the long-term research and development, there are now a lot of products that provide protection. It can be, ceramic tiles, granite, marble, concrete. Anti-slip chemical treatment can leave a much better attachable surface, which is invisible to the naked eye and provides protection and safety. On wet these created microscopic pores help the aqueous layer (which is the cause of the slip) to be imprinted, thereby creating a vacuum that prevents slippage.

Anti – Slip Products for Floors

The anti – slip products are colorless anti-skid coatings with a one-component polyurethane coating on a water base. They are an ideal solution for polished surfaces of high gloss such as marble, granite, ceramics, glass, concrete, pvc, wood, metal. Thanks to its projection properties it does not disturb the high gloss of floor surfaces.

Anti-vibration strips or panels are made of polyester fiberglass reinforced with hard aluminum oxide. The product is completely unbreakable, resistant to extreme weather conditions, UV stable. Easy to use and setup. A very efficient solution for making safety tracks, lining and marking the stairs, marking the lines of safe movement.

So, these products are also recommended for kindergartens and schools. It is definitely acceptable because they will never experience any injured children and parents at the place where everything is expected to be perfectly safe.

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