Hubsan X4 FPV review

Hubsan X4 FPV review

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Hubsan is one of the better-recognized quadcopter builders and the X4 FPV is one of its finest drones yet. Discover out if it’s right for you in our hubsan x4 quadcopter review.

Also recognized by way of the H107D, the X4 FPV is Hubsan’s latest mini quadcopter. It constructs on preceding versions plus addresses fairly a few of the criticisms. It today has rubber feet, however; much more significantly, it offers a live video feed toward the 4.3in color screen built into the controller. That is why it is called the X4 FPV: first-person view.

The quadcopter itself is tiny, roughly the similar size as the┬áRevell X-Spy. It drives with a propeller guard which is valuable to use whereas learning toward fly the copter. You have to use the comprised tool to take off the rotors as the protector isn’t built-in by default.

hubsan x4 quadcopter

The videos upper resolution than the X-Spy, however at 640×480; it is nothing to get motivated about. You could record the video; however, you will need to install a micro SD card in the slot in the controller. That would not be a problem if the excellence of the video sign were better. In our trials, the signal was variable and all the interference gets logged to the SD card. You will see the smallest interference if you fly outside far from constructions in an open area.

Strangely, the video is stowed in AVI arrangement in 640×240 format hence you will have to find an appropriate video converter if you want toward watch it on your computer or upload it to Facebook otherwise YouTube. Given the poor excellence, you will perhaps decide not to bother. In fact, it is such a faff that Hubsan comprises an addendum toward the manual to clarify all this.

The manual, astonishingly, is written in good English plus clarifies everything you requisite to know so as to learn to fly the quad together with sensible advice toward avoid breaking otherwise losing it. The controller has two types, though we stuck by the default ‘Mode 2’ which is for novices. There is even an Expert type that lets you organize the controller sensitivity thus you get full regulator of the drone for more precise flying. It means you could grow into the X4 FPV as you get more expert in flying it, as well as perform flips plus loops. We do not commend flying an rtf rc quadcopter over water, however!

If you invest in some additional batteries and time in learning towards fly it properly, the H107D can be a satisfying as well as the fun quadcopter. Generally, the X4 FPV is a worthy starter quadcopter, however, it’s not great if you are planning to shoot airborne video as the excellence is too poor. In its place, the video is just envisioned for first-person flying.

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