Is the Chinese gender chart of any help?

Is the Chinese gender chart of any help?

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In the days gone by, you had to wait for a baby to be born to figure out the fact whether it was a girl or a boy. But this age was only a few years ago. With ultrasounds along with other tests came along it showed accurately the gender of a baby, it was a wonder, but there were some loopholes associated with the same as well. A lot of people mainly the grandparents were not so keen to know the gender of the baby till they emerged out of the delivery room. It eradicates the element of surprise and it hardly mattered to them as the options were limited in terms of boy or a girl.

But before the ultrasounds and the test of the blood of the mother, there were a host of other methods which were used in predicting the gender of a baby. Say for example if you were carrying the baby high in the region of abdomen then it was said to be a boy and when you carried it low it was termed as a girl. In case the linea nigra runs past the belly button, then the signs are that you are having a boy. The trouble with most of these methods is that none of them worked better than flipping a coin. Basically there is a 50 % chance of predicting the sex of a baby no matter whatever method you went on to use.


But now days the internet is buzz with a new method known as the Chinese gender predictor. It happens to be a large intricate chart and the age along with the date is used when you got pregnant to determine whether it is a boy or a girl. In this chart the accuracy of predicting the baby is as high as 90 %. The trick of the chart is to be aware on which lunar month you were born in which is your calendar birth month. There are simple methods still in place where you would just need to enter your expected due date and the exact date emerges in front of you.

Now the question is how accurate is the Chinese gender predictor chart? It states the fact that there are quite a number of versions to it and there is some form of confusion whether you want the calendar or the lunar month. But researches point to the fact that this method predicts the gender of a baby as high as 90 %. But according to the view point of many there is no use of the chart apart from the entertainment value it brings along.

If you are that keen you can go on to use this chart by yourself. If it is your second or third pregnancy you can check in the accuracy by plugging in your age and the old children’s age. This information can also be tried with your friends along with other relatives.

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