Kitchen Extensions – 4 Extra Costs You May Not Have Considered

Kitchen Extensions – 4 Extra Costs You May Not Have Considered

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You have been saving and planning for a long time and now that kitchen extension you have been dreaming of is about to become a reality. Finally, you will actually have enough space to store all your pots and pans and be able to rustle up some amazing meals without tripping over yourself. When you budget for any extension work on your house, including a kitchen extension it is important to give yourself a cushion for those unexpected “hidden” costs that you might encounter, because unfortunately, you might very well hit a few.

Here are just 4 of those extra costs that you might not have considered.

Living without a kitchen

If you don’t have a functioning kitchen for the duration of the work, and extensions can take a while, then meals can become a bit of an issue; you don’t really want to live on sandwiches and cereal. You will need to plan carefully in advance and work out how you will cope with a lack of cooking facilities. It is easy enough to set up a microwave in another room but cooking in a microwave can be limiting and of course, microwave meals are not cheap. You may also find yourself eating more takeaways or even popping out for meals. This can really add up so don’t forget to take it into consideration when you are sorting out that budget.

Kitchen Extension


Having a kitchen extension done will certainly produce a lot of rubbish that will need to be disposed of properly. Check if the quotes you have received from your builder includes skipping prices if it doesn’t then you will need to budget for skip hire prices yourself. Shop around as price will vary but make sure you are looking at the same size skip. If you are looking for skip hire in Oxford or skip hire in Manchester then get in touch and let us give you a competitive quote.


Until your builders begin work they never fully know what they might encounter under your existing kitchen or even space where the extension will be going. It is always best to assume that there may be extra work involved; things that they will uncover as they go. It is wise to budget for this occurring just in case so that you have the money for any unseen expenses available as and when they occur.

Your time

From the initial time that you spend visiting showrooms and sitting with a designer to being around when the workmen need access you will be spending a lot of your own time on the project. If you work then you need to consider what will happen – do you feel comfortable giving the workmen a key so they can let themselves in or would you prefer to be there. If it is the latter then this could mean taking precious holiday days or maybe even considering applying for a period of unpaid leave. Both of these could have a financial impact.

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