Know The second gen advantage

Know The second gen advantage

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The initial generation laser lipo was no doubt highly successful as it used a wavelength of at least 670 nm. The first general model inspired to improve the machine in a more user-friendly and effective way based on the feedback and results of the previous experiments. The research and development teams in various organizations worked hard so that the improvement of the earlier machine becomes more sophisticated and precise. The results of this improvisation were undertaken.  The scientists and technologists working on the second generation Laser Lipo machine concluded that the decrease of the wavelength produced gave a higher power or strength. They decided to decrease the wavelength from 670 nm to 650 nm, which yielded better results or higher ‘strength’. Clients started looking at the second-generation machine and its improvised features and felt satisfied. Though the old machines where being used extensively in most of the places, the advent of new features of the second-generation machine slowly gained ground. The feedback on the new model was heard all over. The second version was less heavy than the first one. It was also made compact so that portability and storability become easy. As the new version used ‘potent’ lasers effectively, many business houses switched over to this improvised version for better results. By working on the ‘potency’ and ‘strength’, the results were really fascinating. The lightweight version was the key to its success besides the reduction of its wavelength.

Successfully accepted again:

Subsequently the second generation Laser Lipo took over the market and with the passage of time, the third generation laser with more features and improvements gained limelight. As we know the quality of lipo laser deeply depended upon the diodes, as they produce the ‘power’ or heat that would eventually remove the fat or kill the cells which were affected. The change in the quality of diodes in each paddle improved the laser machine to be more powerful, efficient and user-friendly as well. Surgeons from all over the world felt the diode generated emission was more powerful now and delivered results in a shorter period of time, resulting in effective treatment. Though there are many brands on the market to choose from, a few names that are doing the rounds amongst the doctor community are Photo-biotech 600 LC, Strawberry laser,  , Smart Lipo, I-lipo, Contour light, Lipo-Light pro, N laser, Zerona are some of the names which finds a mention in the medical fraternity. These modern laser machines have been a boon to the mankind in several ways. Even the surgeons and doctors find these new laser machines very easy to handle and manoeuvre. The treatment is fast and precise. The results are positive. Thus the modern laser treatment with these machines has evolved so well that in every nook and corner of the world lasers are being used not only in the treatment of eyes, teeth, skin but also for the treatment of our internal organs successfully. The second generation machine was accepted worldwide successfully by the clients.

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