List of Foods That You Need to Avoid

List of Foods That You Need to Avoid

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There are some types of food that need to be avoided, because they can cause great damage to our organism. Those are foods that are being processed, full of additives and which can cause great damage to the body.

It does not mean that you will immediately become ill if you consume these foods once or twice. But these foods must definitely be avoided as often as possible. With this in mind, medical marijuana license consultant made a list of foods that are full of additives, preservatives and which should not be included in the diet. So, say bye, bye to these foods:

1.American cheese

It is better known as yellow cheese or sandwich cheese. It is a factory cheese that comes from whipped milk of solid fats, sulphates, proteins and emulsifiers, preservatives and artificial colors. So, as far as this food is concerned, replace it with a slice of white cheese.

2. Dried meat products

They are full of water, sulphates, artificial flavors and preservatives that prolong the lifespan of the product for a long time and affect the quality of the meat. These are products that, due to the large amount of salt, keep the water in the organism and raise the blood pressure.

3. Margarine

It’s simple – replace margarine with butter. Natural not artificially obtained margarine made from vegetable fat and full of trans fats.

4. Carbonated drinks

You already know that one can of carbonated drink contains about 10 tablespoons of sugar. It’s already enough to put these beverages away for good, forever. And just to mention harmful concentrates that do not give any benefit to your organism, but on the contrary, they destroy it.


5.Dietary carbonated drinks

If there is something more harmful than carbonated drinks, then they are the dietary ones. Artificial sugar can exacerbate the tastes of natural foods over time such as, for example, fruits. This drink is also associated with diseases such as depression, caries, heart attack…

6. “No sugar” sweets

These candies contain artificial sugars. Science has confirmed that if you have a digestive problem, you must avoid sugar because it turns into alcohol and causes severe stomach aches.

7. Inorganic chicken and eggs

It has been proven that non-organic chicken contains antibiotics that accelerate the growth of chickens. This also applies to eggs. So, whenever you are able to safely make the most of it, you can buy organic meat and eggs.

8. Popcorn from microwave

Popcorn cookies in the microwave are processed and has been shown to increase the risk of cancer. They also contain flavor enhancers and trans fats. So, make sure you use the old – fashioned method of preparing pop – corn because it is healthier.

Make sure you avoid these foods and you will feel a lot better and healthier. Apply these simple tips and see the difference.

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