Lucrative Industry Related Certifications You Can’t Afford to Miss Out

Lucrative Industry Related Certifications You Can’t Afford to Miss Out

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Attending colleges or universities can be taxing. Besides the impulse to satisfy your “where can I find experts that can write my essay?” query, having a rewarding career in the future is another concern that needs to be addressed.

The influx of benefits related to college graduates with certifications appears endless. The competitive nature of most job hiring processes today obliges every candidate to show the best version of their selves. To bolster your chances of getting hired, you need to get a work-related certificate which you could procure from a wide array of sources: accreditation from a professional body, short technical courses, university certification programs, and third-party certifications.

There had been constant debates as to the relevance of certification courses; the idea often rejected by many since it diminishes the importance of lengthy undergraduate studies. Below are the most popular fields experiencing business growth, related certifications available, and other pertinent details such as salaries and cost?


Information Technology, Systems and Security

Annual salary: An estimated median pay of 61,902 RMfor a candidate possessing Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degreewith2-year experience, Microsoft Certified Professional having graduated at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Percentile Rank:  50th


The demand for IT-related services has grown exponentially through the past decade. The rivalry among IT-related firms today is not limited to pursuing the larger portion of the market share, but extends to getting the best talent available. Cloud IT, computer forensics, database, information security, programming, and mobility certifications are just some examples of the vast opportunities in IT.

With the ever-increasing demand for Asian IT specialists in the international outsourcing industry, here are the top IT certifications in terms of salary figures as enumerated by world-renowned business magazine Forbes.

Though the Associate Exam costs $150 and the Professional Exam pegged at $300, the projected benefits in terms of remuneration and job satisfaction is undeniably off the charts if paired with sheer determination and hard work.

Other vital third party certifications that will drive interest from your prospect employers are from the following software providers: Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Adobe, Apple, SAP, Huawei, and other technologies.

Also, the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) proved to be a lucrative certification since its holders are said to have bagged an average of $103,297 according to a recent survey.

Business, Finance Chartered Certified Accountants

Annual salary: An estimated median pay of 60,893 RM for a Certified Public Accountant occupying a senior auditor position, with 5 years of meaningful experience, employed by a private accounting, auditing and tax services firm, and obtainedhis Bachelor of Science Major in accounting degree at the University of Science, Malaysia.

Percentile Rank: 50th(tied with Information Technology)

Source: Payscale

Important footnote: Half of the people like this make less than 61K

Even in this digital age, it’s no surprise thatbusiness-related certifications are still leaders in the pay board. There’s no denying that with the recent downfalls of major companies and cases of corporate espionage, the demand and expectancy for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Certified Management Accountants (CMAs), and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) doubly escalated. It is not a walk in the park though, since it will require you to undergo rigorous hours of training, reviewing, and studying that could stretch up to six months or even a good year.Decent remuneration and career growth are highly guaranteed in these jobs since most companies prefer to grow their talent internally rather than recruit externally.

The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification program being offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis is another rising business certification on the block. Starting with just 15 business analysis professionals in its first offering in 2006, there had been 4,049 total CBAP certified professionals worldwide as of 2014 (the number expected to grow tenfold by the end of 2016). What are the benefits? Since the number of CBAP certified professionals available for employment is really small, you are assured of an increased income or job offer upon undertaking the study. A senior business analyst position receives up to a gross of $114,950 as per PayScale.

Let’s not kid ourselves: almost all certifications are really costly and time-consuming since they follow a particular hierarchy (e.g., Introduction to business analysis profession for Level 1 CBAP, 3000-4500 hour experience with two to three years of BA experience required for Level 2). It’s your call whether to add these to your arsenal or opt for cheaper, more practical short courses to satisfy your business savvy side.

Project Management

All businesses today aspire to eliminate a substantial amount of unfavorable variances that plague the net income –longer than usual lead times, construction delays, unconscionable manufacturing overhead, and the like. Approximately one million Project Management Professionals (PMP)are scattered across the globe to ensure that every phase of production goes as planned. With stress comes being paid – generously.

To wrap it up, industry-related certifications make you a better employee candidate, overall. Costs associated to procure one may involve a relatively huge lump-sum payment, but the rewards, learning experiences, and future career impacts it will yield towards your favor are undeniably worth it. These papers function to supplement your qualifications, but without dedication and good work ethic, its projected effects are minimal and of little relevance. Nevertheless, all your effort exertion in finding the one that satisfies your ‘buy essay’ orders should pay someday with the aid of these certifications.

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