Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing Registered Trademark Agent Canada

Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing Registered Trademark Agent Canada

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It is highly likely that you have chosen the right service or business name that will represent your business properly. You have paid a lot of money in order to advertise your business. Most of the money that you have used up is to let people become familiar with your name and the items that you are selling. Finally, after some thought, you have decided that you are going to contact a trademark agent Canada in order to help you out with protecting your trademark and your business in general. The bad news is by the time that you have contacted the agent; your business cannot be protected anymore. This can be very unfortunate for you because you cannot change your name anymore. It can be even harder if you would be contacted by another attorney because your business name or what you are offering just looks similar to another business.


You should know that in order to avoid this mistake, you should contact Wilson Patents Agency in the planning stage of your business. The agency will be in charge of checking if the business name that you have picked out or what you are offering in general is still legal and can be patented properly. In order not to make mistakes that are too costly, here are some of the things that you should do:

  1. Make sure that you will pick out the right patent agent Canada ahead of time. Like mentioned earlier, it is best if you would contact an agent even before you launch your business. In the process, your patent agent will be in charge of checking your plan so far. Your agent will also be in charge of filling up your forms that you need to submit immediately.
  2. It is best that in picking out the right agent, you can check if they have already done some patents before. The more patents that they have done, the more reliable they are. You can trust them in making sure that you will have a patented business name that cannot be taken by other business owners who would think of the same idea that you have now in the future.
  3. The trademark agents in Canada should be aware of the things that are required to make a patent strong. A strong patent should be fanciful because they may be names that are not related to certain things before. You can tell if the patent is strong if people would refer to an action or an item as the brand’s name instead of what the item or action is supposed to be called
  4. The trademark agency Canada should make sure that there no other patents that are similar to the one that you are planning to put up. Similar patents will not work even if they get approved. People will not remember your business name that much. It is also likely that it will be credit to the other company with a similar business name.

You have to remember that your trademark is valuable. This is something that will help sell your company to people. You need to make sure that you are going to offer something that you can protect.

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