Motivate on Monday morning by providing yourself with the ‘Me’ time!

We all need to remain motivated at workplace to deal with the upcoming challenges, most of which are unforeseen. However, as days pass and we mature as professionals, we hardly find it difficult to get motivated. Sometimes our past performances and at other times the challenges that lie ahead motivate us to do better and achieve more! However, the only thing that can still not be handled well is to motivate yourself for the upcoming week on a Monday morning!

Why Mondays are so mundane?

We sweat it out all through the week and do our best to achieve what has been earmarked for us. But we hardly get time to rest ourselves. Even over the Sunday weekend, we have to do the catch-ups with the family. The things that were overlooked and those which confirm our love towards the spouse and kids have to be performed on the Sundays.So we hardly have the time when we will sit for ourselves and concentrate on our own body and mind and its relaxation.

That is a big reason we feel down on #MondayMotivation. We feel like we are facing another long and tough week ahead without having taken the necessary rest, and hence are lesser than fully ready. So we feel the lack of confidence at the back of our mind, may not be consciously, and hence feel down!


How to overcome the sinking feeling?

We often go through tips to manage the stress at work, but that is not all that we have to learn. We may have to also learn to manage our weekends! First of all, make sure you have some time for your own self. If the family members do not understand or appreciate, be stern and spell out to them your need. If you can make your spouse understand the need of your body and mind, s/he will sure make way for that ‘me’ time.

Support ‘me’ time with healthy food

Weekends are times for having junk food! But even amidst the flow, make sure to have nourishments that can counter the junk food and the free radicals generated out of them. Follow up a pizza with lemon water, or too much of deep fried meat with curd. These will keep the free radicals away by nullifying them in the blood stream. This will definitely make your body feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Make sure to try this on Sunday night diet so that you feel nice about your body the next morning.

Make lukewarm water your SOS friend

Have lukewarm water two to three times on Sundays. This can nullify the free radicals and cholesterol that are generated out of the ‘happy’ foods that you have eaten. This also clears off your digestive tract from the oily substances that may not give you a good feeling in the morning.

Light exercise to start off

Make sure to start off your Monday with light exercise in the morning that can increase the metabolism and get your body going, making you feel more energetic through the #MondayMotivation.

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