Outsourcing Legal Support – What You Need To Know

Outsourcing Legal Support – What You Need To Know

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Outsourcing legal services in the legal profession through legal process outsourcing (LPO) organization is on the increase. Patronising lawyers whose services are cheap, consulting legal firms that focuses mainly on research, or handling hiring the services of contract attorney to handle temporary legal projects, majority of the legal work is now been done by some other persons instead of the attorney who has been assigned to do the job.


One of the benefits of outsourcing legal support is that it offers busy attorney the chance to handle time consuming projects cheaply. Boutique law practitioners, small firms and those that practice alone pick on cases that are sometimes a bit difficult to manage. Billing rates by most large law firms will become more competitive because they obtain the services of subcontracted lawyers at a dramatically reduced rate without having to spend more hiring full time employees.

News Spreads Quickly

One of the major issues of this movement is that legal outsourcing is not only known by lawyers. The cheap billing rates of lawyers overseas has been discovered by most companies, and as a result, they have denied the middleman that would have benefited from having a direct dealing with the legal outsourcing firms. Organizations are now considering reducing amount spent on legal services due to economic downturn. As a way of reducing costs and manage data for their clients, law firms are now looking for legal process outsourcing vendors. Outsourcing legal support is one of the cost effective ways of seeking the services of a legal firm to take care of time intensive tasks.


Mundane Tasks or Complex Work?

Outsourcing legal support service is aimed at the more simple but nonetheless time intensive tasks associated with  legal practice. Rather than drafting tedious legal briefs, it’s more likely they are hired to manage  more of research work.

Majority of the work are somewhat simple and mundane , but definitely that is not the case with all legal outsourcing jobs. It’s been discovered from recent reports that firms and organizations are engaging legal outsourcing companies not just with mundane findings, but with difficult legal briefs and court pleadings.

When it comes to legal services, the period a process can be sourced for is generally determined by the type of service. For instance, the type of litigation is usually instantaneous and it has to be addressed immediately. Another side to this is if an organization is faced with so many unexpected litigation or has a very limited impending transactional issue including small contract management task, it should be taken into consideration if turning to outsourcing legal support outweighs need to fine tune internal e-discovery processes. Once an organization has prepared for a steady transactional job, like a voluminous IP or contract portfolio, that may be thinking of assessing and adjusting their IP or contract management processes before sourcing to an external provider.

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