Flash Flood brought a Halt to Key Southern California Interstate

Los Angeles- The Emergency Crew had to tighten their belts in the Interstate 5 North of Los Angeles to scoop out the debris caused in the area as a result of flash flood. The destruction caused the blockage of essential roadway causing destruction to the vehicles, and the people had to take exile above their cars to stay protected. The drivers had to deviatefrom the route to reach to their destination as the shovel work has been expected to continue well into Friday.

The effect of the flood was so extreme that it has exploited the cars running on road with more than 15 cars still stuck in the debris. The storm produced heavy rainfall resulting in the situation of flood on Thursday at Fort Tejon, where no deaths or injuries have been reported as such.  Another mudslide resulted in closure of the second highway as well, apart from which other secondary roads were also blocked as a result of deposition of mud and other remains of the flood.


As according to the officials, they could not really comment on when the freeway would be reopened. They however said that as compared to the northbound lanes that are covered with thicker layer of mud, the southbound lanes are expected to be opened first. Furthermore, after the debris is removed, the geologist would check the stability of the adjacent slopes before finally opening the freeway.

Launder Wonder, the Spokeswoman of California Department of Transportation said, “There could be more slides coming down on to the road” she further stated that “our engineers are always very careful, so they make sure in a flood situation, any hillside is secure. That’s always precautionary”. The pictures of the current scenario uploaded on social media sites do reflect the reality of the current situation where cars, semi-trucks etc. are found in disarray. Among the devastated areas, the worst-hit zone was the Northern Los Angeles County’s Mountainside community, Lake Hughes.

Keith Mora, Los Angeles County Fire Department Caption said, the agency rescued two dogs and four people from atop a car, and many others saved their lives by climbing on to their cars and protecting themselves from getting dragged away with the debris. In all the rescue operation proved to be helpful for 14 people and 8 animals. The fire fighters did decide to visit door to door on Friday morning to check for any tempest occupants.

Democrats Overtook Republicans largely in the Money Race Campaign

Brussels- The president of Turkey on Friday mocked Europe for not taking in any more refugees. It acted like a dose of awakening for the European Union to provide new concession and aid to Turkey for curtailing the unjustified movement of people across borders. In a summit held during the early hours on Friday, the EU leaders agreed to provide political support towards the action plan for Turkey in managing the refugee emergency in the country, by speeding up the access to Europe Visas and EU membership talks.

As according to the Diplomats, EU could provide a package of at least 3 billion Euros, the EU members have been sluggish in offering aid for the migrant crisis.  The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not just address the refugees deal, but it actually accused Europe for not being serious about Turkey’s membership. Erdogen said, “We are far ahead of most EU countries but unfortunately, they are not sincere”. She further added, “We have 2.5 million refugees, no one cares”.

Turkey could be called as the largest refugee holder in the world; there are lakhs of refugee camps build up in the country while some of them are moving to EU in search of living. Europe has seen around six hundred thousand new arrivals this year. The EU which had an upper hand as far as the refugee dealership is concerned, has now arrived to a position where it has to seek Turkey’s aid to ease the refugee crisis. The EU leaders are moreover concerned about the demanding moves of the Turkish President, towards the justice system, media and Kurdish Minority. The Turkish Presidential Government has been forcing for looser visa rules, through which it is trying to make vote-getting moves.

As according to the statement made by the French President, Francois Hollande, he “insisted that even if there is liberalization of visas with turkey, it should be on extremely specific, controlled terms”. Merkel, who will be visiting Turkey on Sunday, stated that “the plan actually means that on one side Turkey would commit with regards to handing over the refugees of its own country, and on the other side we are ready to disseminate the burden with Turkey”. She further said that, “we must make the timelines clear about what would happen when, how convincing our promises of support are, and how trustworthy are the Turkey’s promises of regulation”.

The Turkish officials have still not released their demands publically.

Importance of Latest News in Today’s World

We are today living in a world where lot of things keeps happening almost on a minute to minute basis. Hence, we would like to be updated on the same and would like to be in touch with the various sources of information. It is therefore not very surprising when we see a big craze for news of various types. Most of us would be aware that this is the acronym of North, East, West and South.

 It is quite likely that as we read this article, there could be something that could be happening around the world. Choosing the right source of information is very important and today there is no dearth of such sources. We could either choose the internet, the print media or the electronic media for this purpose. There are scores of channels where the latest information on sports, politics, governments, business, entertainment, medicine and other such things are available round the clock.

Quality Of Information Is Very Important

When choosing such channels and sources of information, we should be sure that it is reliable and worth being trusted. This is because there are many channels and other sources of information where the main objective is dramatizing happenings rather than factually reporting the same.

 We should be aware of the same and should take steps to ensure that we know how to separate the grain from the chaff. It would always be advisable to look into sites and channels which have a good track record of reporting things in the right perspective where factual reporting is considered more important that dramatics and theatrics. Substance at the end of the day is extremely important to say the least.

When one chooses the internet over other forms of news sources, there are some obvious advantages. First and foremost, one could get the latest happenings sitting in the comfort of homes.  The mobile phone technology well and truly has helped a lot in this regard. Further when one chooses the internet over other forms of other forms of information gathering, they stand to gain quite well.

They will be able to go beyond national and international boundaries and they also will be able to get the right information within the shortest period of time. Further they will also be able get additional perspective from the general public which may be possible only to a smaller extent in the print and electronic media. Hence choosing the right media is also very important when it comes to gathering information on various happenings.

What Is A Real News

In the ancient days there was nothing exactly known as news because by the time it reaches the ears of public the news would have become old news. This is something which is happening or hot. The market is full of news today that is not because of the incidences but because of too many news channels.  Real news is the one having stubborn attitude to pierce the thoughts of public.

There should be some reality in the news. Today’s news has no such features because news channels are creating unnecessary storm out of simple things. Hence current generation news channels are not real news channels and the news generated by these channels is not real. Reality of any news depends on many people like news collector, editor and news reader. Person deputed for collecting the news should get back with original news.

This is not happening as he is interested to make his own story and getting back to channel office with spice in the news. The news editor feels like adding some more spices in the news and he goes on adding interesting things in it. During the process the actual news loses its originality and public is never made aware of real news. The real news is the one which is presented exactly in the same manner as seen. The news reader is the one who presents the news to the viewers.

The news reader gets the scripted news so he doesn’t have to make any changes in it. Fortunately news doesn’t get filtered in this stage otherwise there is nothing called news. It will remain only as a story. The news reader should have specific qualities and following section describes the qualities of a news reader.

Qualities Of A News Reader

There are no gender specifications for a news reader still female news readers are more preferred. It is due to their appealing way of reading news. They can get more viewership because they can present news better than male news readers. The news readers should be comfortable with the language in which they are going to present news.

In fact command over the language adds to the point. They should be good looking and soft spoken. The news readers are professional readers and their language should be smooth and clear. They shouldn’t have public fear because during recording they have to face many people in the studio.

Diverse quality of news

You have to clear that person who is right or perfect to check the quality of the news and they follows some factors through that they may decides the quality as well as the quality lever in the news. Some of the factors of finding the quality of the news is the first important attribute is the timeliness. News must follow something new then only it provides the benefits to the people. So for such reason the factor of the timeliness is the important factor to deciding the excellence of news. For example if an accident occur in the day but it publish in the next month news paper mean it its considered as the useless information to the public. In the factor of timeliness is differing from publication to publication which means the everyday news paper express the yesterday news in the today news paper.

If the publication follows only weekly times mean it publish the previous week news in the articles. The televisions news broad casting services have the deadly timeline to deliver the news to the public. It means the 24 hours news channel have every second is the deadline to telecast the news. In the Impact and the oddity is one of the important eminences of the news.  By cause of the impact of the news decides are provides the worthy of the news in the paper and also that kind of news must be unusual things. Then only the news make the large impact to the society whether it is weather condition or health news etc in such weather report creates the major impact to the world.

Who really get the benefits of the newspaper?

Receiving the benefit of the news does not have any limit or restriction to the people which means all age group people may really get the full benefits of the news in the news paper. Not only in the news paper provides the current events of the society but also it contains the skill oriented columns and the employment opportunity in the society for all fields. In such kind of the columns may definitely help you to guide about the different educational course and the career options. Through that you may enrich your knowledge effectively and this makes the good value to the human. It provides the column for expressing your emotions or idea about certain news or topic through that you may get the healthy bondage between the publications.